Katie To Everyone

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katie - May 14

hey,ive had my baby girl...she was born on the 5th may at 2.22pm and only weighin 3lb 7....so we hav been in hospital until today...she is gorgeous we've named her Summer Lily Louise and im so happy she is okies now...it was scary goin into labour 5weeks early...anyways if you have any Q,s just ask...hope u are all doin well and labour really aint tht bad...take care xxx katie


leah - May 14

awww hey babe congrats...glad ur all doin better...love the name its soooooo cute :)


KC(Casey) - May 14

Congrats Katie! :)


kaykay - May 14

WTF is wrong with u ppl.CONGRATS katie!!! why is no one else congatulating her?? love the name and hope all goes well in the future ;)


to katie! - May 14

hiya Katie! Congratsulations really pleased for you, glad to here your lil girls doing okay, im due in 2 weeks, terrifed or giving birth, I no your baby didn't way much, but does labour hurt, im so scared about it! thnx! n gud luck! you'll be a great mummy!


mel - May 14



Amanda - May 14



~kat~ - May 14

congratulations katie :O)


xxx - May 14

awk hun congrats =)


maya - May 15

congrats. how r yall doing? do u have any pics yet?


katie - May 15

aww thanks for all the congrats....we r all doin well at the moment....and to the to katie person....dnt b scared of going into labour...obviously it hurt...but to b honest it was not half as bad as i thought it would b and u can get gas and air to help with the pain and stuff....but at the end of it ur going to hav a beautiful baby...so just think about tht...gd luck and make sure u put up a post sayin how u all r....gd luck...and yea i hav pictures so if u want me to send them to ya all give me ur email address and i'll send them soon take care everybody xxx katie


maya - May 15

[email protected]


becca - May 16

congrats babe, you mut be thrilled to have summer with you even thou earliea then expected least she's healthy you will have a wonderful time with her good luck love me n paris kis kis


tori - May 18

awk congrats huni...i hope ur all doin well xox


katie - May 18

awk thanks...sorry ive been a bit busy with summer i'll send those pictures now maya and i hope u like them...i think shes a wee cutey...but then i wud cause i am her mum lol anyways take care everyone xxx katie


Meranda - May 18

Hey Katie congrats on ur baby I Am 14 years old and an going to have a baby can I please see tha pics of you n your baby [email protected]


to katie - May 21

ur baby is soooooo adorable....she's the cutest thing i hav ever seen...i hope my baby is as cute as mine...lol



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