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mandabee2009 - December 1

I am 18 yrs old and I recently found out I was pregnant. Me and the father were separated, but got back together. He really wanted me to do abortion because of the "attachment" issue that I could have. I promised him, however, that he had nothing to worry about because I would put the baby up for adoption. But lately, I've been feeling like it would be worth it to keep the baby. I would give it the world, work my butt off, and my family is very supportive of any decison so I know they would have my back. I'm worried that I cant go back on my promise to him. What should I do?


Advice Girl - December 3

well first off if he truly doesn't want to be apart of the babies life then he doesn't have to. granted yes you would want him to but he doesn't have to stay. i'm not saying that he really has the right to leave. but he does have that choice, have him be around you through all of your pregnancy and see try and get him to realize that there is a baby on the way and if he likes it or not it's his. but that's my opinion. do whatever your heart tells you to do sweetie


supmama - December 3

If he doesn't want to stay around, he truly has no choice in the matter. You do what YOU want.


ethomas2414 - December 5

If you want to keep your baby you do it regaardless of what anyone else thinks or because of any promise this is a human life and if he doesnt support you and your feelings then maybe he isnt worth it


babii_boo91 - December 9

hun its your choice you cant help how you feel now if a baby is not something he wants and it is something that he will have no part of then he should have no say, if he is worried about child support ect you can sign a legal doc_ment saying that you have chosen to keep the baby and will not need his a__sistance goodluck


Advice Girl - December 11

i totally agree with what everyone has had to say about this sweetie. and like i have said he has the right to stay and he has the right to leave. I would try to convince him that you really want him to be apart of the baby's life. But like everyone said it's YOUR decision not his not anyone else. i'm very glad to know that you have loads of support...keep us updated sweets


spakatak6 - December 22

i agree with everyone else, it is your choice , its not his its yours.



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