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joannelucy1 - June 17

im 33weeks pregnant baby has not moved from head down for two weeks and have been told im in early labour which is VERY slow. my midwife told me to try a few things to get things going naturally but non of them have worked. ive tryed PINEAPLES.LONG WALKS.HOT BATHS.HOT CURRYS.EVEN HAD 3 SPOONS FULL OF CASTOR OIL PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Ca__sie06 - June 17

Are you sure you should be trying to start labor? I would think at just 33 weeks she would be trying to delay labor until the baby is full term. I am 33 weeks and do not want my baby to come for at least 4 more weeks. They are not ready to be out until then.


maren - June 18

you really shouldnt be trying to "go" into labor at 33 weeks babies are not concedered full term untill they are at least 37 weeks. Have you had an internal exam yet? just because the baby is head down doesnt mean that it is ready to come out yet. i think you misunder stood your midwife because no one with medical background would try to induce labor at 33 weeks unless there was some medical reason. And even then they wouldnt try natural ways they would go strait to pitoxin(sp)


Athom - June 19

Ca__sie06 and maren are right... the lungs are probably not ready and you shouldnt be trying to have the baby yet... it could have side-effects and/or serious problems from coming that early. As for kick starting labor. I have had alot of preterm labor after they told me it was safe to have the baby I've been trying everything (except castor oil, I wont try that) Nothing works... you just have to wait until your body is ready, (I'm at 38 1/2 weeks now) just gonna have to wait on the babys


lilmomma88 - June 19

You do not want to start labor! At 33 weeks it's still fairly dangerous for your baby to be born. He/she will have to stay in the hospital for atleast a month. His lungs and brain are not fully developed. I would just be patient.


midnight_drift - June 19

S_xual Intercourse can kickstart labor as well.



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