Kinda OT But Anyone Engaged Or Planning Their Wedding

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KaseyA - September 24

Nick and I have been engaged for 3/12 years and I'm starting to plan a small wedding...and omg its so stressful! Anyone else floating in the same boat.


HeavenisMine - September 24

I'm with you, we are planning a baby this fall and moving this fall/winter, and getting married in the spring, we've been engaged over a year now, so I am hoping soon. Blah I want to collapse!


PreciousBaby19 - September 24

Hiya there amanda. I know exactly how you feel. According to my fiancee visa I had to have my wedding planned in about 4 months so I know what you mean about it being stressful. I would love to give you any advice to help your day goes smoothly. My day went fabulous and I hope yours does too.


GimmeaBub - September 25

My wedding isnt for another 12 months away but i know hwo stressful it can be, just take it one day at a time and never listen to what otrher people think you should do unless they are positive suggestions i have many ideasof how i want my wedding but my biggest excitement will be my honeymoon lol.


Laurz - September 25

I'm engaged :) We're just taking it slowly though, dont want it to be all stressful, we'd like a nice quiet family do. Although it will be on hold for sometime yet as I just found out I'm 7wks!


sashasmama - September 25

Well, that's why my dh and I ran off to a Courthouse and got married, lol. It took about a week of planning and cost only $45 (for the marriage license). But it would be nice to have a bigger wedding...with a reception and all. Good luck!


sarah21 - September 27

Just my little insertion here... I really wish I had done a courthouse thing, or really small ceremony, and saved the money and put it towards the honeymoon. I would have loved a longer one. That's just my two-cents, though. who knows. Maybe if I had done it that way I would be regretting not having a ceremony.



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