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CLouD - May 13

okay so ive posted on here a couple times about my girlfriend. well last night(may 12) she noticed the sweeling in her left labia went down, which good, but she noticed a little bump there. its not under the skin or anything you just put ur finger there and u can feel it. we are both very clean and used protection. the only time we didnt use protection was when i got back from the gym and we did the camel toe slide but i didnt c_m and neither did she. the date this went down was the week of april 20-22nd. and its been well over 2 weeks since we last time we got intament. so im wondering if its just the stress she is having or is something is wrong with her.


Grandpa Viv - May 13

Keep adding to your old post so all the info is together. Each time you add something the post comes back to the top of the list. BTW, it is totally irrelevant to pregnancy whether she comes or not, and pre-c_m from the camel toe might just get in there and get something started. Be more careful.


sara b - May 13

Also if she has a bump and its not a zit then go (both of you) to the doctors and get tested for STD's then get her a pregnancy test while you're there. Call a planned parenthood or a local women's clinic, whatever. We really can not tell you anything except whether she sounds pregnant or not. And to me it sounds like you guys are worrying yourselves sick over nothing. So relax, take a test, and from now on use protection all the time, even for s_x without penetration. If you are just fooling around keep clothes over that area to keep your sperm contained and never touch her with c_m or prec_m on your hands. If your not ready for a baby then get her on birth control and use protection. That's really all anyone here can tell you.


CLouD - May 13

we did have clothes on when we did the slide. but i dont realy think tis an std bc how can it b if was our first time?


Mommy - May 13

You can get an STD whether it was your first time or not. It could be a genital wart. It could just be from irritation. We can not see it or touch it (no offense but we wouldn't want to) therefore we can not tell you what it is. And to prevent pregnancy, use protection no matter what you are doing s_xually. Better safe than sorry.



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