Labour And What It Was Like For You

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becca - February 13

hi, i have 2 weeks and 6 days to go and i am really scared about the labour and birth but i no its gunna happen so i have excepted it i was just wondering if you could tell me whats its like and is it really as bad as every one says it is i want and epedural but i am terrified of needle's so if you could just tell me your storys it would really help thank you o yea and will it be worse/harder/longer because im only 15. if your here to throw insults at me for my age dont bother ive heard them all before :)


Mommy2Kylie - February 13

I probably shouldn't tell you about my labor because you'll think they all go that easy. Let me tell you I had a rough pregnancy though, very rough. My labor made up for it. On November 5th 2004 at 8:30pm my water broke, but I didn't know it broke, I just felt a pop but no gush. Then I went pee. At 8:50 I had my first contraction, at 8:55 I had my second, and they were HARD, my Mom came and picked me up, by then I felt like I had to push and my contractions were right on top of each other. We got to the hospital a little after 10:00pm they checked me in, checked my cervix, I was fully dialated and ready to push. So I did, and I had my daughter at 10:50pm, so all n all, my labor was only about 2 hours. Don't think its that easy though, I don't know how I got off so lucky. I didn't have any medication though, but I did good. Good luck with your labor!


KM - February 13

I had a really bad labour, totally opposite of Mommy2Kylie. I haven't heard of very many ppl who have had a terrible experience. I went in at 8 am on sat. morning to get cervidil gel to soften my cervix and prepare my body for an induction the next morning. I was 5 days away from my EDD. I was being induced because I started to measure big and my doctor was going to be away on my EDD. After i got the gel they monitored me for 30 mins and told me to come back at 9 that night just to get monitored the same way again for 30 mins. After we left the hospital we went out to eat and I started to get BAD lower back pain, and had to go to the bathroom a lot. Then I went home and took a bath to ease the pain, which they told me was normal with cervidil. Then I took a nap, but I woke up around 3 with contractions 5 mins apart. I went to the hospital and they nurse was surprised the gel actually put me in labour, because it doesn't usually. At that point I had gone from 0 cms that morning to 2 cms. the contractions werent bad at all, just painful cramping, I was able to walk around and talk.Then the doctor came in at 6 and broke my water. My labour sort of stalled for a bit at 3 cms, so they had to give me pitocin. (DONT let them give u this unless u have an epi, it makes the pains come HARD and FAST) They called for my epi, at 9. and I wasnt able to get it because there was only one anthestisiologist working and he was in Emergency surgery. So, I went through 13 hrs of labour without the epidural. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.Everyone in the delivery room was crying because it was an awful sight. I was sick to my stomch a couple times. This is normal because the contractions are so hard on your stomach. I pushed for 4 hrs, and the last hour of my pushing they had called in a specialist and he was trying to turn my baby because he was facing head up. I ended up with an emergency section because he was in distress and they couldnt turn him. The worst pain was when I couldnt push and had to wait for them to prep my surgery and just feel my body trying to push him out.The epidural was nothing when I finally got it. it wasnt scary or painful and the pain instantly was gone. I suggest you get it.Labour will be a breeze if you do.The c-section wasnt bad at all. It wasnt scary and I was just glad the pain was all over with and I had my healthy baby boy. I don't think being 15 will make your labour any different than for an adult. But keep in mind for first babies, its roughly 10 hrs of labour. You may get lucky though. Good luck with your labour, if you have any other questions feel free to ask


becca - February 14

thanx both of you i will have my fingers crossed that my labour is like moomy2kylies lol but i doubt it will yea im having quite a rough pregnancy , reading ur post km scared me thats sounds hard i no when you have your first baby its suposed to be the longist im just scared about not knowing when the pain will go i cant think of any Q's right now but thanx it helps to here other peoples storys:)


KM - February 14

don't be scared I just got unlucky. Most likely you will have an easier experience


Mari - February 15

At 3am On Sunday January 16 I started getting mentrual like cramps. I thought nothing of it because Ive been getting them for like 3 weeks. I went to the bathroom and I started leaking a lot of mucus tinted brown and pink, it was a lot. I fell back asleep like at 5am. At 7am I woke up again cuz of the cramps but immediately fell back asleep 30 min later. It was an ongoing pain. I finally woke up at 1030 am, I took a shower, while i was taking a shower I started getting those mentrual like cramps but this time they would just last for like a minute and then stop and then continue again a couple minutes later for about a min again. They didnt hurt that much. Meanwhile I still kept getting that mucus stuff and I kind of felt bloated and like I had an upset stomach and so i had to take a dump and it was diarreah (sorry if that groses u out). At that point i wasnt sure if i was in labor because since this was my first pregnancy i just thought that real labor contractions would feel like pain all over ur stomach not mentrual cramps. So either way i started timing the pain i was having. A couple of hours past and i was getting pain every 4-5 minutes. I didnt want to go to the hospital because I didnt want them to tell me it was nothing and send me home but by that time they pain was a little uncomfortable. So I went to the hospital at almost 2pm. They checked me and said I was 4 cm dialated. So I was in Labor. I guess thats when it really hit that I was going to be a mom soon. Well anyways I was not going to get any meds. But at almost 6 they decided to break my water and I jumped to 7cm and started getting really bad contractions, one after the other. I swear I couldnt hold in anymore and started crying, as time went by i started getting light headed and so I asked for an epidural. Getting the epidural hurt for me. They put it in while i was getting contractions, It felt like they were digging a hole in my spine and so I was being a baby with my screaming and crying. The DAMN thing didnt work, i still felt a lot of pain, so they gave me another. Still didnt work, it only worked on half my body and on the other half i felt extreme pain. After a while they gave me this thing called a spinal something. And that worked immidiately, 2 min later i was ready to push, I pushed for an hour and at 8:38 pm on that day my daughter was born. Im glad i got meds cuz I tore pretty bad and know that would have hurt a lot if i hadnt gotten the meds. My advice to you is that if u feel u cant handle the pain dont hesitate to get an epidural. Most likely it will work right away. But if u go without it more power to you. GOOD LUCK.


becca - February 15

thank you mari yea latly like past week or so i have been getting all sorts of pain like and upset stomach and period type pains and braxton hicks type pains and i last nite i got pains and they were c_mmin and going more discomfet then pain but i didnt no what to think does any body have any ideas:S


Mag - February 15

Becca, do you know what you are having? I have never had a baby but my bf's sister had a baby girl in December. We went to the hospital to go visit her and she was in an awful mood (which we kind of expected.) We went to the waiting room and then one of the nurses came and told us that she wanted to see us again. We were confused as to why she would want to see us because she was so cranky and un-talkative the first time we saw her. As soon as we entered the room, we heard her laughing and talking. She was laying down watching t.v. and the epideral and she was a much happier woman!


Mommy2Kylie - February 15

I think God decided he'd give me an easy labor since he gave me such a rough pregnancy. I was in the hospital for 5 weeks, 31 weeks to 36 weeks pregnant, in a different city then my own, ON my 19th birthday. I had severe morning sickness up until my 8th month, it was just horrible. Everything that could go wrong did. But my labor made up for all of it, and of course so did Kylie. Don't be scared, almost every woman goes through it at some point, and they get through it. You will too and then you'll have your baby :)


eve - February 15

I had my son 3yrs ago, but it was the greatest thing. 6pm i started menstral like cramps that came and went. i went to lay down and slept for about 3 hours. the pains had gotten so strong that it was now uncomfortable to lay down, all i did was walk around the apartment. they finally got so bad that i couldn't do anything. nothing seemd to help, went to the hospital around 1 am was only 1 cm, for the next 6 hours i stayed at 1 cm, then finally got to 7 cm within a very short time, i did 2 more hours before getting the epidural, last four hours were a breeze. then came my beautiful baby boy. the pain hurts but is well worth it, i would do it a millions time if i had too, we all know that's crazy, but just the experience is great.


traci - February 15

Honey every pregnancy is different. Honsetly if you hear horror stories before hand it will make it worse becuase you will be uptight.But I have 2 kids and will tell you the better story When I was 18 I gave birth to my daughter I was induced and never felt even one contraction, I had a small bit of cramping but that was it. They ordered the epidural before contractions started I put my headphones on so that I would notactually hear the doctor talking or know when the needle was going in so I wouldn't tense up next thing I knew the doctor gave me a b___ton and told me to push it if I felt pain and I would get more medicine through the epidural my daughter was born 3 hours later ( while waiting I slept) I started pushing at 5:00 pm and couldn't even tell if I was pushing the doctor told me I was just making faces and I had to push or he would get the vac_m. At 5:15 my daughter was born and I NEVER felt ANY pain just a small bit of cramping at the very begining.


becca - February 16

thanx to all who have given advise and there storys it has helped, its annoying becausesometimes i feel so scared and like i dont want to give birth then others i am excited and want it to happen i just wished i would feel happy about it all the timeis any body else scared like me???


traci - February 16

I would think if you weren't scared that something was wrong. It's a natural fear and as you due date get closer it will probably increase. But I promise you I had one extremley good labor and one really bad one and the bad one was only two week ago and now the pain seems like it wasn't even bad I know at the time I was screaming that I couldn't do it but now I know that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat


becca - February 17

really i dont know if i could do it again im a really big woss when it comes to pain i dont know i i could go through it all again yes my sista ses she cant even remeber the pain so least thats a start


KM - February 17

It's true you do forget, and no one has ever said it wasn't worth it.


becca - February 19

o kool kool


maya - February 21

why is yall coming at becca's neck like that and how old r u becca anywa



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