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V9653 - October 4

Okay ladies-Let's bring on the embarrassing labor and pregnancy moments. We all have them-whether it's peeing when you sneeze, water breaking on people, pooping during delivery, or just pregnancy brain making you say or do some of the dumbest things in your entire life.


amanda17 - October 4

Labor was the weirdest for me-- I wake up at 4 in the morning and my water is punctured, soaked right through my pants, feels like I'm peeing all over the place. So I go to wake up my grandma, and she tells me to call the doctor. So I call and say "I think my water is broken" Then they told me to call someone else, so I did and they said they'd call me back... So I waited for them to call back while leaking everywhere because we didn't have any pads, then they finally called back and said "Well if you think your water broke go to L&D" I gave Harold a call and told him today was probably the day, strapped on one of my nephews diapers and made awkward conversation on the way to the hospital. "So. I'm in labor right now. Yep. Wanna count my contractions with me?" We get to the hospital, my contractions feel like braxton hicks at this point but they're less than 3 minutes apart, I sign in and my mom INSISTS I take a wheelchair to my room. We get to the room and the nurse checks to see if my water really did break. Her hand is literally drenched and she smiles at me and says "Yep." I sit in a room for ten hours while people I really didn't want to see came and went... I'm numb from the epidural and look over at my mom "I think I'm peeing right now but I'm not sure" then the contractions start kicking up, I look at the nurse and tell her "I feel like... A big fist." She looks at me like I'm crazy, then checks my dilation. Fully dilated, Ellie's head ready to burst out of there. Anywho a few minutes later I'm in full b__wn labor, pushing as hard as I possibly can. Bright lights shinning down on my hooha, and I can see EVERYTHING in the reflection of my doctor's gla__ses. I feel a sip-sip-sip, a burning feeling and his gla__ses are flushed red. "Am I bleeding?? AM I BLEEDING???" He looks up, smiles and says "A little bit." Finally, she's born. I am in awe. "Omg. I just had a baby. I'm a mother, and this is my daughter." Then I feel a tug, tug. I look down at my doctor who is st_tching me up. Not just st_tching me up...Smiling, humming and st_tching me up. Like he was sewing a sweater. "What are you doing down there?" "Oh nothing, you might feel some tugging though." Weirdddd...


angelmonkey - October 4

haha amanda that made me laugh im only 21 weeks so havnt had many embarresing moments atm, i,ve started to leak when i laugh and stuff lol and she has found my bladder so i know everytime she kicks my bladder i have to go change my incontince pad lol!


amanda17 - October 4

It was an... experience alright haha. At least I didn't poop on my doctor :) I did pee on a nurse though, but she was pushing down on my bladder checking the postpartum blood I guess.


AddysMummy - October 5

My most embarra__sing moment.. I think when my water broke. I walked into the hospital with a towel between my legs. LOL.


amanda17 - October 5

It's better than a diaper Tess!


newbaby2009 - October 5

I honestly dont have any embarra__sing labor or pregnancy stories. I feel left out :(


V9653 - October 5

Aww girls-diapers and incontinence pads!!! LOL!! The beauty of pregnancy eh? Didn't you guys feel so s_xy???? :) My embarra__sing moments in pregnancy had to do with fluids, as I think everyone's do. I caught a cold right when I had just b__wn up almost overnight, and as you can guess, every time I sneezed i peed. I was so sick, that it took two days for me to even be able to comprehend-hey, why don't I go get some of those incontinence pads??? I spent an entire day crying because I would sneeze and pee-go change clothes, get comfy again. Sneeze again-meaning pee again-go change clothes. Spend an hour making strange faces trying not to sneeze and having my bf laugh at me-so I broke down. Pregnancy hormones, incontinence, weight gain, waddling, and a bad cold-all ingredients for the perfect meltdown.



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