Late Period Had Sex

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unsure_baby16 - March 10

Hey guys I had s_x in january 19th in feburary I got a strange period It lasted a few days and it was kind of spotty and my period usaul last 6 days , At the end of feb I finally got the courage to tell my mom I might be preggy and I have an appiontment but got a neg. now it's march and on the 9th I was supposed to get my preiod and it's always on time but it didn't come todays the 10th and it's didn't come today now I'm 2 day late and I;m usual never late at all not even a day late I have br___t tender/heaviness headaches,backaches wierd feeling in my stomach, sharp pains on my side, tiredness, neasea but no vomiting , peeing alot up to 10 times a day and moodswings,crying alot eating alot wieght loss, my Body temp is extremely high 99.4 I'm confused if I am preggy I guess I would be 7-8 weeks preg but not showing my friend when she was preggy she started showing at 2 mos. that's how she found out she was preggy but I just don't know I need advice h__lppppp my email is [email protected] please email me


cyndrz632 - March 10

You probably are pregnant..if you take a pregnancy test to early it will come back negative....that period you had in january might have been the implantation bleeding


maren - March 10

well if you had s_x in january a test now would tell you if your pregnant so my first advice is take a test because it sounds like you are pregnant. and then make a doctor appointment, regardless if its negative or positive. If its negative just tell your doc that you have not gotten your period for 2 mont hs and your starting to worry. You dont have to tell your mo if you dont want to that is if you can get to the doctor with out a ride from her. good luck and let us know!


unsure_baby16 - March 13

This is my 5th day missing my period if it don't come by wednesday I'm telling my mom and having a test


maren - March 13

Hey i would just run to the dollar store or some place and buy a hpt and take it first thing in the morning then you can make an appointment for the doctor telling them that your pregnant or your not.


Ca__sie06 - March 13

It sounds like you might very well be pg. I certainly would not wait till you start showing!! I am in my 5th month and just now started showing!! I would take a digital hpt and see what that says. Once you do that make a dr appt to confirm.


AudreyC - March 13

Sounds to me like you are pregnant. Generally you'd start showing around the end of the3rd month, but you shouldn't wait that long. You need to get confirmation now, either with a home test or a blood test, so you can get the proper medical care that you will need. Best wishes!


unsure_baby16 - March 13

well I'm 5 days late and if my period don't come in 2 more days I'll test but I really wanna test tomorrow but I don't know it may be to soon.. do any body have ideas on when I should test?


jg - March 14

You can test from the first day of your missed period.


unsure_baby16 - March 17

I'm preggy !!!!!I know I wasn't going crazy but I've been getting wierd sharp pains on my sides like cramps and in my lower stomach their getting woser and worser everyday but thier kinda off and on and last night I started spotting but what is spotting supposed to look like? It started spotty but the blood on my pad is lookiing like it's inceasing a bit should I worry? I'm going getting ga__sy movements in my stomach and thier making would sounds like I'm hungry but I'm not , have any Ideas how I could get rid of this? this is my first pregnancy


marie7 - March 17

If the spotting/bleeding increases or continues, please call/go see your doctor to get it checked out.



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