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lil_cutie - May 10

i had had a alot of signs of pregnancy for the last week or so... but i know alot of them are also symptoms of PMS.... ive been going to the toilet alot like 10 times a day and i never go that often.... ive been gettin stomach cramps like menstural cramps and lil pains in the center of my stomach... ive been eating alot more.... ive had headaches that comes a goes.... muscle pain.... my period was due today but it aint come yet..... i did get some brown spotting but it wasn't alot it was only when i wiped when i went to the toilet once today and it hasn't come back.... ive taken a clear blue digital test and it came back "not pregnant" i don't know if i tested too early or not...... i tested the day my period was due which was the 9th but it was neg... so i thought i was testing too early.... well i didn't have a period in march.. it was due the 24th and then i had my period on the 9th april.... but it was very heavy and it had alot of blod clots in it which was unusual for me... and i was having the same symtoms i'm having now.. i had taken about 2 hpt's and they came back neg.... so i thought i had just skipped a month.... people have been sayin that i have PMS and that i'm not pregnant... ive never had PMS this bad before thats the problem..... i started having s_x in dec last year.. and my periods have been fine until March of this year.... i tried going to my doc the last time but they dodn't do pregnancy tests which i don't actually understand y.... my doc just told me that they have full trust in the clear blue HPT'S..... i know that implantation bleeding can come around when your period is due... i was wondering how long can it last... cos i had very little spotting... it was the siz of a penny and it didn't come bk for the rest of the day and i haven'thad anything today.... i'm really condused on what it could be.


corinne - May 10

I suggest taking another test in a few days. Make it sunday to test or something.


lil_cutie - May 10

ok thnx


corinne - May 10

No prob keep me updated.


Teen_Mommy - May 10

The first time I got pregnant the same happened to me , so I took lots of HPT's like clear blue, ept and still it was negative. Finally around my 2nd month of being late I took a first responce test and it was positive so I took another of the same test to make sure it was right and another positive test. It seems like every other test doesn't work correctly so if I were you try to use a First responce test and let me know.


lil_cutie - May 10

thnx for your help Teen_Mommy i'm gonna take first response tests frm now on. hopefully i'm not pregnant and its just pms or somthing... im not ready for kids yet


Franny - October 26



slowpoke01 - October 26

li_cutie- you may have tested too early. when i found out in august that i was pregnant i took a test the day my period was due. i used a dollar store test and then the next day i used a first response and both were dark +. alot of times implantation may occur late causing some women to get neg tests because implantation hasnt occured yet. unfortunately with me i had to terminate my pregnancy when i was only a month along because it was a tubal pregnancy. i think that some women get early + 's because their babies implanted earlier than other women who get the late +'s. good luck.


tyler0323 - October 26

are you kidding me?lol


guccigal87 - October 26

k i dont know if im the first one to pick up on this but lil_cutie was pregnant with twins.. and lil_angel is the one who thinks she is pregnant.. so how did lil-cutie get a negative test???


kyes - October 26

i dont know. there the same person out for attention. and it seems im the only one with b___s (lol!) and will say that.


Amanda18 - October 26

Seems that way to me too kyes...


lil_cutie - October 27

guccigal87... This post was way back in may.. i found out i was pg with twins in august.


mammy16 - October 27

If u are pregnant did you do it on purpose because ur posts go all the way back to april with pregnancy scares or whatever, did you not learn your lesson then and use contraception properly??


mammy16 - October 27

oh yeah and youve been pregnant before?


tyler0323 - October 27

seems to me these girls want(ed) these pregnancy's. Numerous scares since april or may, would have been like a scare every month untill....oh shocker...pregnant.


lil_cutie - October 27

yes i have been pregnant b4 but that ended in a miscarriage.. i was not on any b/c then. after thhe miscarriage i went on b/c.



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