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mummy2paris - January 23

right well im late yes dont worry i no they only way to find out if im pregnant is a test dont worry about that lol . so i was on last the 8th december and now its the 23rd jan.But i have the implant (rod in arm) had the since 9th june 06. Yea so my question is do any of u know any one who has gottern pregnant whilst having the implant because this is suposed to be one of the most effective forms of birth control so yea any thing you know from personal experiance with the implant would be good thanx :>


vicky9989 - January 24

ive never heard of anyone who got pregnant with the implant!


mummy2paris - January 24

thanx vicky im goin to the doctors next week i have a daughter she will be to march 10th :>.Do you have any children or are you pregnant


vicky9989 - January 24

indeed i do! i have a 2month old lil girl. Im 17 nearly 18, how old r u? ive seen ur lil girl on her website b4, shes gorgeous! id put her in 4 modelin! i was gonna get the implant but ill c if ur pregnant or not 1st! lol! xx


mummy2paris - January 24

aww bless i remember paris being that small lol, im 17 too 18 in may. Aww thanx isnt she just yea alot of people have said that but i dunno ill wait n c , lol i hope im not i was kind of excited about the fort of having another baby but now im so scared i really hope im not i need to wait im just starting a new job and starting uni soon o dear lol


vicky9989 - January 24

I know what you mean, i want another baby! i joked 2 my boyfriend that i want a baby week. but if it actually happend, i would poop myself! just need to save sum pennys b4 we eva go dwn that road!x


mummy2paris - January 24

yea as nice as it is to think about having more children its just to much money if only everything was free lol do u have any photos of your daughter?? do u live in england


mummy2paris - January 25

?? just bumping me, i got cramps last night they were horrible but like the cramps you get when your gunna come on well no show yet but ill wat until monday n then test xxx


vicky9989 - January 25

Maybe u'l come on b4 monday then, il keep my fingers crossed! Ive got 2many photos.. im just tryna make a website but i dont have any time, she sleeps through the night so shes pretty much awake all day except for two 20mins naps! i live in england, in milton keynes. where abouts do u live? do u still live with your parents? keep me posted!xXx


maren - January 25

well im not sure how similar the implant is to the IUD but i know with the IUD sometimes your period becomes light or even stops. I have the IUD and my periods are way way way lighter and shorter than what they used to be


pinkbo0tlace - January 25

I wish I could help, but the rod implant is banned in the I don't know much about it.


mummy2paris - January 25

well im on YES!!!!! lol i came on today so vicki get the rod lol im not pregnant. Thanx for all your posts i was scared, but now i have mega bad period pains least its not gunna be labour pains lol, i live near cambridge vicki yea i have so many photos of paris i just dont have the time to put them all on her website. Aww she sleeps all night thats good for her age yea paris is up all day otherwise its a nightmare to get her to sleep lol xxx whats her name


vicky9989 - January 26

lol! u enjoy that period! im gonna be off 2 get the implant then, i was waiting to hear ur verdict! i heard it makes u put on weight, is that true? ive bin doin my sit ups every morning& stickin 2 my weight watchers!im dwn 2 pre pregnancy so i dnt want it 2 go 2 waste :'(!! Her names Kaylen Jaye! Whos lookin after paris wen u go uni? i really wanna go in a few years but i duno if i can now..xxXxx


AmericanReject - January 26

i dont mean to be like stupid question girl ...but i'm from the u.s.a and i'm just curious...what the hell is the rod? or implant?? i've never heard of it


mummy2paris - January 26

hehe, well im rather confused now my periods bein rather c___p its more like spotting the a flaming paeriod im confused so im still gunna get a test lol, YES it does make u put weight on grr after i had paris i weighed 8st7lbs now i weigh 9st9lbs it sucks lol but i do eat alot lol, well its a local uni and its part time so she wil be in nursery and whilst im still there she will start skule


vicky9989 - January 27

lol well im back to waiting to see if your pregnant or not! d__n u 8st 7!!!! im 9st5lbs, and i thought i did good! i was 10st just after :o! my goal is 8st6 but we'l c if i eva get there! im waiting for my period to come now, im a couple days late but i just think my bodys messed up! Well tell me when you take ur test! good luck!xxx


MelissaP - January 28

Americanreject-Have you ever heard of norplant? It's a form of birth control that is inserted under the skin that releases hormones to keep you from ovulating. I think you keep it in for like, three months at a time. I don't know..because I have never had it. But that's what I have heard about it. It's usually inserted in the arm area



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