Letter From Unborn Baby

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********** - August 7

Violets are blue,& roses are red. I once was a baby, but now I am dead. My mom didn't want me, she just didn't care. It's not my fault she couldnt keep on her underwear. She thinks it's her right, to choose to take mine.Just because she wanted to have a good time. Now I am lying here in the trash. And another Abortionist just made some cash. Was it really worth it? Are you really okay? With the choice that you made to take my life away? Yes, it was your body, but what about mine? I am now dead, & your doing fine. I'll never cry, crawl, or walk. I'll never roll over, I'll never talk. No first birthday, no wedding day. No, I will never get to play. My life is now over, you can't change your mind. You can't take it back or turn back time. Now what will you do, if one day you fall sick , you see?,& you need a transplant, or donation of blood from me? If you need bone marrow, or even just my prayers? I will not be there for you, I will not be there! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD LIFE....CAUSE I WON'T GET TO. THANKS ALOT FOR NOTHING. FROM - YOUR BABY


:( saddened :( - August 5

That was harsh! whoever post this really has something they need to talk to GOD about! Ask for forgiveness and he shall see you through the things your regret and are truly sorry about!


m - August 5

thats really sad


cakes - August 5

how sad..NOT..what is sad, is people trying to make others feel bad for making the decisions they have made, its their body not yours, quit trying to tell them what to do with it...


Meagan - August 6

That's the TRUTH. We only think about our rights sometimes and never even think about the baby's rights. What if we was our mothers and they decided that it was their right to 'terminate' us? Would you rather have no life at all then to be giving life to another? Thank you for whoever posted this. I hope this helps everyone see that we are not the only one's with rights....we just have the voice to decide on our rights.


brucen - August 6

Since I am only familiar with existing, I can't tell you how I would feel if I didn't. I don't see how anyone could answer Meagans question. Once again I agree with cakes. I understand and respect the views of someone like Meagan et al, but your methods of persuation/ (emotional manipulation) leave much to be desired.


Cat luva - August 6

Shes right, ur mistake, u fix it.


m - August 6

Maybe if she had a child from a RAPE. She would get one. That child would be a living reminder of that awfull day.She could live it over and over in her head everyday and every time she looked at the kid..


brucen - August 6

The outcome of an abortion is still the same no matter how you become pregnant. To say it's ok in some cases but wrong in others, weakens the argument against them.


m - August 6

I am not against them. It is a womans place to decide. I have no right to say what a woman should do with HER life or body and neither does ANYONE else. I would never want my girl to get one, but that is me and my choise. I wouldn't have s_x with a woman who would have one.If a woman wanted one it should be done asap and not done after 5 weeks.


Christobal - August 7

telling someone that abortion is "evil" or "against gods will" is f*ing juvenile. i dont care if you are 30, 40, have kids. its juvenile. im sure "GOD" doesn't care that a large portion of his planet is starving, and that the human population went up 3 billion in the last 100 years. did you all know that after we reach 12 billion, the human race will become extinct from resource/food exhaustion? this is estimated to happen sometime within the next 200 years. by saving one life, you will all destroy billions. hopefully another natural cleansing of the world takes place and a good percentage of us are taken out. then we will be able to sustain life once more.


********* - August 7

To Christobal - Uhhhhh, you must not believe in God. I think your post is a little uncalled for. First of all , in 200 years from now, why would you even care?Cause, you won't be around to know whats going on. Second of all, through God....all things are possible. I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my hand. You sound really BITTER! Have faith & don't be so neggative or so unbelieving. HAVE FAITH !


Tanya - August 7

I feel this is very moving, YES I am very against abortion, but i also forgive and understand that there are reasons why a girl would contemplate this way out, My mother and uncle were both adopted, my biological grandma decided against abortion, it was greatly redommended she have one, she was in her final stages of Diabetes, she gave birth to my mom, and sadly she pa__sed the next day, her ahnd my Biological grandfather knew the that she wouldn't not survive, but they refused to end my mom's life, they gave her a chance, snd hear I am with two wonderful healthy children, again sadly my mom pa__sed 6 years ago, But I am very much for giving a child a chance at life, even it its with another family.... However I do understand there are circ_mstances medically, Ectopic pregnancy for one, where both are ine fatal positions, then I agree that it is okay.



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