Letting Parents Know

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Anon - August 26

How do you break it to your parents? And are there any kinds of schools where you could go to if your pregnant to finish up your senior year?


a - August 26

what state? Just tell your mom first. Moms usually figure it out, before you get the chance to tell them. How far along?


Steph - August 26

There are usually alternative high school pregnant teens are able to attend...you need to start doing the research yourself and getting the background information so the when you finally do tell your mom you will be armed with information on how you plan on finishing school, what job you are going to work at while you are pregnant, and how you plan on supporting your child.


Shannon - August 26

Your parents will be more suppotive than any young girl gives them credit for. Just have a heart to heart. Some schools offer a school for preg. teens. You don't have to go, if you want to stay with your friends. I was 16 when I had my daughter I finished my soph. year and got my GED, so I could work, If I was that close to graduation I would have just stayed. I wish you the best of luck. It's not easy but well worth it!!!


Anon - August 26

My mother is not very supportive of anything I do. I live in PA and don't have a father. I'm a month and a half along.. she will try to convince me to have an abortion.... :-(


Shannon - August 26

You can't keep it from her. Abortion is your choice, and yours alone. I'll pray for you.


KJ - August 27

e-mail me anytime..jackson_27@msn.com, been ther and done that.


Anon - August 27

Thanks! :-)


D - August 29

yes their are school my friend got pregnant this year at 11 grade she went to a skool for pregnant skool it like normal skool but they teach you everything you need to now and now shes going for her senior year as well and you can take you baby to skool as well.and if your scared you may not finsh get a ged but many woman go to skool college ever day.. good luck


Anon - August 31

D; do you know what the school was called. I've been searching the internet and cant find anything. I'd really appreciate it


texas - August 31

in texas the schools are called KEYS


heather - August 31

I don't know where you live, but most schools have a teen pregnancy program. PRAIRIE high school in brush prairie washington is a a great school for a pregnant girl to attend. They have day care there that is 15 dollars a month for teens. They also have parenting cla__ses and can help you find some good resources. My parents were very upset when i told them but they got over it. And now they are actually excited to have a grandchild. It is a very very emotional thing for them so be patient and pray for the right words to tell them. You'll be okay! CHIN UP


D - September 1

anon where do you live


D - September 1

anon try this Lady Pitts High School (http://www2.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/scs/487.htm) all so try search by using ->Alternative Schools or http://teenmoms.ourfamily.com/states/scgb.htm



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