Letting People Down

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EricaLynn - May 15

Lately I feel like I have been letting everyone down. I am 8 weeks pregnant and I feel awful about it, but I want it really bad too. I am in a Fire Fighting class to be a fire fighter, and I dont want to quit because we are almost done, I have invested so much time in it and they spend alot of time and money training us. What should I do!? If I dont finish Ill feel like c__p for wasting time and money, and if I do finish It will be like a year until I can be back in service, if they will even let me come back after being gone so long.....and my boyfriend isnt going to go to college this year, and I just feel like a big pile of trash. Like Im letting everyone down and that Im ruining everyones life, does anyone know what I mean or what I should do????


Emma2 - May 15

Well, If you can tough it out until you finish that would be great. However, if it puts too much pghysical stress on you and harm your baby I would advise to stop. You are not a failure , you are bringing a human being in this world and that is the most beautiful thing you will do! Don't let your baby down and forget what others think they will get over it and maybe you can achieve your goals after your baby is born.


EricaLynn - May 15

Its not that much physical stress, its alot of physical work but basically we have one more cla__s and then the test Im so darn close! Im still going to accomplish waht I want but what if my boyfriend doesnt get to? I just feel like I am piling chaos onto my already hectic life...grrr


maren - May 15

Hun you have one more cla__s left and a test you will be just fine you can finish up and your school stuff is out of the way. As far as your boyfriend there is no reason why he cant still do school. There are tons of new parents that still go to school. Yea its harder but it can still be done, and if that is really what your BF wants then he will do it. And if he doesnt its not your fault you did not get pregnant yourself. You both wanted this not like you went out and did it without him. Everything will be fine. Might be harder but its still very possible


midnight_drift - May 17

Hey, when you find out your pregnant, every problem seems to just come out and make it worse, doesn't it? I think you should finish the cla__s, if YOU want to! And it seems like you do. If you have to wait a year, then you will just have to get back in shape, and probably re do some things, and if you have one more cla__s left, it's worth it, isn't it? There's no reason to panic, or quit. If you let time pa__s, I think everything will clear up. Right now it may seem hard, and it may seem like everything is just coming crashing down. But look at it this way EricaLynn, once you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Meaning you can get through it! And I believe you can. Trust me, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, everything came crashing down too. It was like, okay, I have to do all this, I have to finish school, lots of projects, 6 page research paper, get a job, I have to get enough money, I have to look into colleges, I have to look into everything for a new apartment, etc. But I realized, I just have to take things ONE step at a time, and everything gets clearer from there. Good luck EricaLynn!!! And as for your boyfriend, he can still go to school, if he isn't going, that's his choice. There is community colleges, a lot of people willing to help as well. And if he doesn't go, then that was his decision. Maybe he wants to work for a year, then go to college. You should sit down with him, talk to him, tell him about your stresses, and I believe everything will be alright!



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