Light Period

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pam - July 31

For the past 2 months my boyfriend and I have been having s_x (no protection) well I usually start my period around the 2 week of the month. I had my period for July around the 8th or 9th that was fine. The 29 I started a second period for this month, but it is not like usual. I have little to almost no cramps, compared to what I usually have on my period. Also it has been very light. I have been using Tampons so I don’t know if it is just spotting or what. I don’t know what to do please help!


PAM - July 31

^Oh ya also my periods are very regular ^


pam - July 31

plz help


Grandpa Viv - July 31

Pam, that is likely an implantation bleed you are having. You would expect to get pregnant within the first several months of unprotected s_x at your age. The timing is right. You may get other early signs later this week - fatigue, peeing, upset gut, discharge etc. Take a home test Sat Aug 14th first pee and see what it says. Visit for more help. Good luck!


pam - July 31



pam - July 31

anyone eals it would help me out so much


simone - August 1

ive had the same thing i was over a week late then had a really light period for just 2 days...tht was about 2 days ago and now i think im spotting. i think u probably are pregnant. just wait a little while and take a test


pam - August 1

if it is implatation bleeding how long should it last


pam - August 3

I was wondering,if it was implantation bleeding is it normal to be spotting a dark dark discharge about 5 days after? (it dose not look like blood and it is only when i wipe) also i was so tired last night but i could not sleep because my back and hips were hurting real bad! and I have been getting a bad taste in my mouth like water that has been sitting in a faucet for to long. Are these sings of pregnancy? and if I was to take a ept pregnancy test now, would it be accurate?


pam - August 3

Grandpa Viv, someone anyone...please


pam - August 4




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