Linea Nigra And Not Pregnant

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LiLMe - May 10

just wonderingif you can get that line down your belly without being pregnant i have notice that i now have a line from my belly button to my pubic area... and ya just thought i would ask


Evonna - May 10

Yea, i also had this linea nigra before, but it is very light, pretty much less visible. But as i got pregnant, the line darkens. I think it's normal, i don't know.


maranda - May 11

All women have one but sometimes there not as noticible when your not pregnant than when you are. If you see it that doesnt mean your pregnant at all though.


les22 - May 11

if you have olive to dark skin it is quite common to always have a faint line there that darkens when you are preg. they usually appear during puberty. i remember being told that when i was doing beauty therapy at college


Lillie E - May 12

i've had the same thing. when i got pregnant it didn't darken, but its not as straight as it used to be... its not like my skin is darker there but almost like a small indentation...


givingthanx - February 26

I have one, I'm not pregnant, have never been pregnant - and I'm very, very pale. It seems to be possible, from Internet searches, that it can be linked to adrenal insufficiency - if you have it when you're not pregnant. I just don't know.


jamiebaby_427 - March 2

You're probably just a little bit chubby in the belly section, and your belly is stretching. Its OK, cuz some people like the dark line, and I like it on mee =]


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 2

I have one and its very noticeable and has been. Although I have carmeal colored skin. Differs for everyone.


givingthanx - March 2

I'm not chubby at all. I'm 111 pounds, 5'4". If you do an Internet search, you'll see that it pretty much is expected to pop up just during pregnancy. I saw indication, as well, that it can be due to adrenal insufficiency. Do any of you suffer from higher than average fatigue?


babyrus76 - August 24

Hi Givingthanx - are you still on this post? Did you find out that you are pregnant or not and why that line is there? I missed my period but all tests came up negative. Today, I realized I have a line forming from my pelvic to my belly b___ton, which wasn't there before... I am tired.


Kacy Gordon - August 24

Tests can be negitive and u can still be preg its a matter of how much hormone ur body produces 4 test to turn positive


babyrus76 - August 28

I hope you are right Kacy. 2 months late for my period but blood test on 8/17 shows that i am negative. hpt yesterday shows negative. i am noticing a linea nigra from underneath belly b___ton to pelvic...also tiny red dots appearing on addomen...weird...


ReesiCups - May 26

I've had this line since I was really young. probably around the age 13, I don't really remember because its been so long.. i've never been pregnant so i never understood why i have it. i've googled it and there is absolutely nothing stating why someone would have this unless they were pregnant


cherry189 - July 9

can anyone help... i was told june 14 i had a miscarriage my hcg levels were going down now i have this dark line below my belly b___ton y????


Gingerbread - March 15

Hi babyrus76 - Hope you are still on this post? What was the outcome of your situation, were you pregnant or not? I am in the same boat, it's 10 weeks since my last period, have been having so many symptoms, and have developed a linea nigra upto my belly b___ton, but all tests (pee and blood)are negative. Right now I just want some advice from someone who's been there.


precmander - April 9

if u went for a pregnancy test and it came out negative,and u havnt seen ur period still , u should go for a culture test. U might have an infection.


riyaas89 - May 2

Babyrus76 and gingerbread I'm also in the same boat...if u find that u r pregnant plz share it....and all the best for both of u .....



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