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Marissa.LITTLE SISTER IS A FAKE!! - March 25

If you people believe this girl your crazy because she is lying. This girl LITTLE SISTER wrote her post back in December 27, 2004. The t_tle of her post is My Brother in law is the father of my baby. Okay she lying because she says in her post. TODAY AFTER MAKING LOVE I TOOK A HOME PREGNANCY TEST AND IT WAS POSITIVE. First of all how is she going to take a HPT the day she had s_x with him. You cannot take a HPT the day you had s_x and get a POSITIVE answer. And then she says shes 23 weeks pregnant how is she going to be 23 weeks pregnant she would at least be around 12 weeks not 23 weeks why the h__l are you lying? Your not pregnant by your brother in law. HER STORY IS A FAKE if you guys go read it very closley you will know what i'm talkin about SHE IS LYING.


amber - March 25

oh little girl you in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!


jela - March 25

you know your rite i remember that story i never believed it.that is sad how people wrote bake to her feeling bad for her and you know its a big fat lie


Little Sister - March 25

to Marissa: Get your head out of you a>> honey. I said after making love we did a pregnancy test. We have been making love every saturday for almost a year. In fact I was more than 2 months late in December when we did the test. It took me a couple of months to get use to the idea of having our baby and I did not want to share that with anyone. Not Even Billy It was kind a different telling you brother in law that you are having his baby. What if he told me to get out of his life he loved my sister and could live without another baby or two. So get off my case and pull your head out of your a>>.


to uhm - March 25

You are just like Marissa a goody- goody head in your a>> whore.


LOSERS - March 25



dandy - March 25

I saw the older post also, so i knew it was fake


to Loser and Dandy - March 25

I have a wonderful life full of love and I will be the best mommy. I will gladly get a jelly face kiss any time my babies want to give me a kiss. So all you goody goody whores pull your head out of you a>> before you are so bitter that can't find love anywhere or with anybody. You can call me a lying fake but I know the real world and can't wait to hold our baby in just 16 weeks. Take your nasty comments and put them where the sun don't shine as you likely have never had a day of real pa__sionate love making and likely never will. You might get a quick f__k but will never have loving relationship or be a good parent. Don't get your dirty hands on my clean jeans or take your shoes off before you walk on my clean floor. I guess im just hormonal as I usually just ignor stupid coments from stupid people. care about


dandy - March 26

Ok your 15 right? You really dont know how stupid you sound. Apparently you got knocked up by ur sisters husband, you were used and abused little girl. How sad is that, and now your saying that we are all whores. You need to take a deep look inward. I am married in a extremly loving relationship, 5 yrs now. This so called man you slept with cheated on your sister right? Whats to say he wouldnt do it to you? Its easy to play around with a 15 yr old mind, thats why he did it! an easy lay. dont be dumb


becca - March 26

dandy tou so totally right ive had and older man use me before and because i so wanted him to love me i did all he wanted he got laid and left simple as uve been played ( little girl i cant believe you chose a couple nights of s_x over your sister you should be ashamed if you are pregnant i do wish your baby the best and that you do okay because its not fair if you dont but take o long hard think


Kay - March 26

Its very obvious that this girl is lying . provided with the information she had givin on her last post its very unlikey you have 16 weeks left until you give birth . Unless magically you used a time machine where you sped up your weeks which is rather unlikely - Go and tell others about your " twisted " dreams , cos i dont think that any of us here want to hear it .


Ariana - March 26

This little [email protected]# has s#i! to do in her life then to come up here and make up stories, i mean what do u get out of this? and even if there was a slight chance that it was true how could u do this to ur sister, ur a whore okay, i feel sorry for ur child, what will u do when ur child realized what happend?


to Kay and Ariana - March 26

Both of you had better go back to elementary school. Maybe you can learn to count to 39 My due date is 16 July 2005. Your just a couple of lying b___hin whores. I may be 15 but I can count and will be a good mommy. I hope you finally can get a life and if you ever get pregnant I hope you change and love your child like we are going to love ours. So kiss my a>> and don't care about your stupid comments. Get a real life you stupid bitc>>>.


Kay - March 26

Also i have a thing called RESPECT


Kay - March 26

Also i have a thing called RESPECT for my family


Marie - March 26

Okay, just thought I'd randomly point out some interesting facts here. First stop for a second and think. Who the F*** cares if this "Little Sister" girl is lying or not? If you don't want to believe her than don't. Its simple, next time she posts just ignore it and don't respond. By trash talking her, and calling her names, you're only encouraging her to come back. It seems like the majority of you don't want her to come back. So why continue? Secondly, "Little Sister" whether you're lying or not I don't really give a S***. Apparently you just want to have your brother-in-laws baby and be a good mother. Isn't that what everyone wants? To be a good parent? Why you need to come on here and argue about your life and the fact that you're going to be a good mother is beyond me. If you're really not lying, you wouldn't need to come on here and get all defensive about the things people say about you. You would just ignore it and move on with your life. What do you gain arguing with a bunch of people who you think are "lying" anyways? You said you don't care about the comments people write about you. If that's true, than just drop if for F*** sakes. Do something else constructive with your time. Like Finding out how you're going to fix the mess you've created between your sister and her husband. or how about get a job, so you can support your baby when it's born (considering the fact that the father is already supporting your sister). I don't need to call you a b___h or a lying whore to get my point across, and it really shouldn't matter to you if I were to call you that anyway. I know you're trying to be an "oh so good mother" and all, but what kind of example are you setting for anyone (need I mention your child when it's born) if you spend your time swearing your "a>>" off at a bunch of random people (who you will most likely never meet in real life) for not believing a story you posted on the internet. Think about it.


Kay - March 26

Why come on here and have a word with her then marie ? I thought u said to ignore it all ? We were giving our point across just like you are also may i add none of our writing have actaully bad mouthed her .



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