Little Update For Everyone O

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babyluftblasenontheway - January 23

I know I haven't been on in a long while. I havent been able to deal with all the stupid drama I guess. So here has been whats going on. The moved my due date to the 30th of Jan. Then they moved it up to the 18th recently. So I am officially over due. I have had two nst's. Both were very good. I had one tonight and I had three decent contrax. and three smaller ones. None of them hurt though, so just bhc. I go to my doc on Wed. so we will probably be talking about an induction date. Then I go back for another nst on thursday. So its anyday now, and I might be induced soon! The adoption planning is going great. I picked a family, they are perfect. They told their son for xmas and he is sooo excited. We made a plan so I can see him every three monthes for the first year and then atleast yearly after that. With lots of pictures and letters and emails and ect. They are going to tell him once he is old enough that he is adopted and tell him I am his real mom. I am writing a journal for him and after I have him I am going to make a sc__p book for him. Oh we picked a name; Dallas Andrew. If anyone would like to see belly pics and ect, they are always on my piczo; Ok just thought some of you that arent new would like to know how I am doing. Talk to you all later!


babyluftblasenontheway - January 24

Well I guess noone really cares! I go in tomorrow for induction at 8am!


San - January 24

Good luck to you!!


babyluftblasenontheway - January 25

Thank you


Innocence_Alive - January 25

Yes! I'm glad to hear things are going so well! I think its very brave of you to put the child up for adoption and all that you plan to do for him is even better! Good luck!! I hope everything goes great!


AyameLovesXion - January 25

Hey good luck with that, I care xP! I hope everything goes right.


babyonboard16 - January 25

Wow awesome, I'd been wondering where youd ran off to haha


SaraH - January 25

good luck


jodie - January 25

Hello! I have never messaged you but for some reason I have been keeping an eye on your story. I am glad you updated! Good luck with everything! You are such a brave courageous girl!! I love the name you picked and I hope your labor is a sinch!!! Make sure you let us know how everything goes!!


AyameLovesXion - January 25

I'm glad you got a good family for the baby, good luck todayyy!!!!



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