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Krista! - December 14

Ok, this might sound weird! but i am goin to ask anyway!! Me and my boyfriend has been together for 1 yr and sum months! and i am 6 months pregnant and its a girl! but, my boyfriend and i fight alot, but for the past couple of months we havent! but hes very immature, and i have matured alot since then and i am really not in a funny like childish mood anymore, i can be at times but i jus want to be a little more serious about alot of things! He doesnt seem to understand that! Alot of ppl tell me i should break up with him and i jus cant i dont know why, maybe cuz i love him alot alot! more than anything, and we made a beautiful thing! that i am very very proud of! I love this baby like if it was already here! And he does too, but i jus dont think hes going to be a mature father! Do any of you understand what i am saying, i think i am just scared of going through this pregnancy alone, i want to go every step of the way with him, but sometimes i cannot stand being with him! He does stupid things and it bothers me alot! Then i am thinkin that if we do break up, how am i goin to find someone that wants to be with a 17 yr old girl with a baby!? Can anyone relate to this, or give me some advice!! Please dont make fun of this!


Erika - December 15

It's just your hormones because when I was pregnant my boyfriend got on my nerves too. But when you have the baby he'll grow up quick cause it aint know punk. I had my baby at 17 and there are plenty of guys that still want you.


Grandpa Viv - December 15

I like what Erika says - he won't be 17 for ever - and maybe he's horsing around because he doesn't know what else to do with his emotions. One of the things in pregnancy is wanting to gather your support network closer. I don't hear that the boyfriend is unkind. Stick with him. It takes two to raise a baby properly.


i understand - December 15

its only the feeling that you dont like him right now but it willpa__s your body is going through a lot of changes and so is his give him time . dont throw away a one yr relationship cuz you feel wired in 6 months let him deal with his feelings his way when the baby comes if he gets better you will see it was worth the wait and if he doesnt then just cuz you had a baby doesnt mean your ugly and have a bad personality the things that mater when you want to find someone you want to spend your time with and your babys time


Annalissa - December 20

dont worry your boyfriend is just geting it all out now. befor he is a daddy. he will be a good dad. just wait and see how things are when you have the baby. plus there are lots of guys who get with girls when they have a baby.


Cat - December 21

No offence Annalissa but how do you know if he's going to be a good Dad?



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