Long Time No Talk

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PreciousBaby19 - April 3

Just wanted to say that i'vebeen gone for a while. I have been busy at work and things..only to find out that my piczo has been deleted when i get back. So please dont worry about me Jenn. i got your myspace message...i'm just as confused as you...i spent two years of hard work on it..but if its gone then i'm not going to start another one. I was becoming too busy anyway to keep it updated. So our first year wedding anniversary is coming up in may. Yay. So soon, we have been taking a break from ttc concidering i've been rather sick and stressed out over work and my wirting. I am writing a book and its getting difficult to keep my deadline. So we are going to start ttc again ...although not really trying...starting at the end of april...or the middle. I'm planning on going back to america soon...and we've been enjoying our new place. for those who ha ven't seen me in a while i do appologize that i haven't been in touch. So much going on, oh and my ear is getting worse as well..so i may have to resort to getting a hearing aid....and getting it checked out.


TraceyC - April 4

glad to see your back. i noticed your piczo was gone and i was actually a little bit gutted as i loved reading your journal. also glad your working and your finally got a place for you and your hubby.


PreciousBaby19 - April 4

your gutted? I'm furious my site is gone..i have no idea what happened...if i can't get it back then i'm not making another one. I was just about to go and update the journal when i found it gone..i was going to update all of march and april. if you want to read updates on me..i dont update that much on myspace, however i might start making them frequent..i havne't decided...I dont know..i may make a new site...sigh just depends..


Teddyfinch - April 5

hey pb long time no see.


PreciousBaby19 - April 5

hiya teddy, lol today i finished the first chapter of my book i'm writing, 30 pages, lol and then when we came home it was working on expenses in my expense book, lol scanning receipts and things, lol and then singing and dancing to country. Hehehe.


erenimi - April 6

I'm so glad to hear you are okay! And also to hear that you got out of your in-laws house. I know what a pain in the booty In-laws can be. My hubby is a serious momma's boy. Lol.



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