Look At Your Ages

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concerned - January 16

OK first question Why r u guys having s_x at your ages in the first place 12, 12 or even 16 what about achool and your lives. Sex really is not all what it is cracked up to be and the consequences are enormous. The other thing if you absolutly have to then make sure he is wearing a condom and that your are also taking the pill as well. Unprotected s_x with some-one you are not married too is idiotic. Do not cut your chgildhood lives short because being a child with a child is stupid. Raising a child when you are an adult is hard enough


well said - January 16

I have to agree, I am rather upset by reading some of these stories, about little girls having s_x, at 11 years old I was still playing with barbie dolls, I didnt even know what s_x was at your ages!


concerned as well - January 16

There are STD's to worry about as well, which I'm sure at 11-16 you hardly know anything about STD's. In some cases you are dealing with untreatable diseases that you will carry around for the rest of you life, and perhaps pa__s it on to your children. Please use 2 forms of birth control and protection. You should not even be s_xually involved at that age.


Its A Shame... - January 16

I say well said too .. I have a daughter whose 8 and I can not for the life of me see her being in the same spot as some of the girls on here .. Well I bloody hope not .. They are still children themselves.. But in saying that ... These girls still need help.. Babies bringing up babies..


emma - January 17

i totally agree with this post too. and it's nice to see it brought up without swearing or personal insults. i cannot understand what goes through a kids head to make them think underage s_x and/or drinking is a good idea. i think it has a fair amount to do with how these children have been raised that they can be considering s_x so young. i'm all for preventing teen pregnancy with improved s_x education but at the same time children should not be so aware of s_x that it plays on their mind. it's an endless cycle unfortunately, make your kid too streetwise and they'll think they're old enough for all that goes with it. children raising children is a frightening prospect, i know many young girls and boys go on to raise their kids well and learn from the experience but it's a sorry fact that the majority will not. xx


secrets - January 17

this is one of the most sensible posts I have read in this forum to date. It's realistic and not abusive. well said 'concerned' and all the others who, like me, think it's about time somebody told it like it is.


Ca__sandra - January 17

Hi I understood what you were getting at until you said being a child with a child is 'stupid'. I just turned 13 and have a beautiful 5 month old baby boy. He is so gorgeous and I don't know were i'd be without him. Sure there are some hard times with having to feed it at all hours in the night(espescially when he was younger) and I lost almost all my friends but I don't think for one moment it was a stupid desision to keep him. I respect your opinion very much and i know a lot of other people share it. Yes raising my child has been a bit hard but when i look into his beautiful sparkling eyes or see him laugh i know it is all worth it


Hilary - January 17

Sorry my childhood died with my parents.


To Ca__sandra - January 17

Hi Ca__sandra, I know that you love your son and you can't imagine your life with out him now. But do you think you were too young to have a child at 13? If you had to do it all over again, would you be more careful? I'm asking alot of sensible teem moms this question so don't take offence to it or anything, I'm gathering info on teem mom subject.


Ca__sandra - January 18

I'm not offended at all. You said it nicely so I'll answer it nicely. I sometimes think that maybe I was a bit young but if I went back and could change it, i don't think I would. Although he's only 5 months, it's only just begun so maybe in a few years i might think differently. I don't advice people to have a baby young but it hasn't ruined my life like some people think they will.


KM - January 19

I'm with Ca__sandra. I don't advise any teens to go out and have a baby. because its true, a lot of them aren't mature and aren't ready for the responsibilities that come with a baby, which is how a good chunk of them probably got pregnant in the first place. but some really are accidents, and some of these teens to use birth control.I wouldn't have waited to have my son. I love my life the way it is now, and he makes me so much happier than being out with my friends. He is such a positive influence on myself and his dad.He has definitely changed both of us for the better


KM - January 21

But then again I am almost 19, not 12 or 16.


Tay - January 21

I am also a teen mom and I don't regret having my child at all. yea it is wrong to be having s_x at such a young age but everyone didn't do it for the same reason. Decided at the age of 17 that I was ready and me and my current boyfriend had been together almost a year. I love him and my baby ad woulndn't change having the two of them in my life for the world. the only advice i have to give is that everyone should wait becuase like someone stated earlier there are consequenses to everything that you do. So to all be safe.


Julia - January 21

I believe it is the parents fault for no educating their sons and daughters on the real world of s_x, babys and stds. It is a shame in this world that these girls have to go out and have s_x to get attention or acceptance. I was once a young girl and I went through the same things these girls are going through now. I say its time that moms and dads should educate their kids nad pay more attention to their needs. Listen to them.......each child on here has probably reached out to their parents at some point or another and has ignored or pushed aside or even told not now I am busy or I have to work. Slow down and see your childs needs.


Tay - January 21

It is not whether or not they were being educated. Some people do it because they wabnt to have a child so that they can have someone to love them as much as they do. They just want to be accepted by someone and not ignored.


Julia - January 21

Tay you are correct. I was 15 and having s_x. I just wanted someone to pay attention to me. And I wanted a baby. Someone that would love me uncondtional. Not judge me...just love me no matter what... I am 31 now and I have a 12 yr old son. I was a single mother till he was 9. And it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Now I want another baby and I can never have anymore. It hurts me to see girls on here that are pregnant and not sure what to do with it. I wish I could have a great big house and take all these girls and teach them about having babys and parenting skills so they could all go to school and still keep their babys and be wonderful moms. I know its a dream. But I have a soft spot for you all only because I was JUST LIKE YOU once. email if you want to talk [email protected]


Tay - January 21

Julia my friend was 13 when she had her first child. She did great in school. Graduated at top of her cla__s with a 3.6. her little gurl is now 5 and she doesn't regret a moment she has had with her. Their are many people that can make it out there as a single parent with no worries or struggles. You just can't let it get to you. You can only take it one day at a time. And just believe that you can and will do it no matter what.



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