Looking Into Adoption I Just Need Some Supportive Help Wit

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Alicia - April 10

Hi I am 16 and about 12 weeks pregnant. No one knows but the people at Planed Parenthood. I found out about 3 weeks ago and I really think adoption in best for my baby. I am not ready to raise a baby and I want this child to have all the oppurtunities in life that I have. I have agonized over what to do for the past 3 weeks and I KNOW that adoption is the best! I know you are probobly thinking how do I KNOW already...but I do. I was just looking for some info on adoption. If anybody has dealt with an adoption...can you help? Is closed adoption or open adoption better? Is going through an agency or lawyer better? Please help me. Thanks so much in advance.


Cheryl - April 11

Alicia, I know a lot about adoption. I have a 4year old adopted son and I am looking to adopt again. I also have two adopted nephews and several adopted cousins. I can answer a lot of your questions concerning adoption if you would like. You can email me [email protected]


bump - April 11



Grandpa Viv - April 11



b - April 11



dont - April 11

i was adopted and it makes u feel on loved


Alicia - April 11

How old were u when u were adopted?


To Don't from Jen - April 11

Open adoption does not make you feel unloved. We love our son and so does his birthmother. He is going to gow up knowing everything and knowing that we all love him. Did you have a good adoptive family? Was your adoption open? That makes me sad that you felt unloved. I just don't understand why. There are so many types of families these days...open adoption can be great. Feeling unloved can be from so many diff things.


Ginger - April 11

Alicia, you sound like a smart level headed young lady. My husband is adopted. All he knows is that is mother was 15 years old when she had him. His adopted mother and father are the BEST parents anyone could ever ask for. Please do not be afraid of adoption. I think your making the right decision. Your not being selfish and I think you will be blessed for your kind heart. Don't make the baby suffer for you being so young. There are thousands of great mothers and fathers out there that cannot have children that can provide love, and monetary for this child. Good luck. God bless!


Anne - April 26

Hi Alicia, I can shed a little bit of light on adoption as 2 people in our family were adopted and now we are looking to adopt as well. Please email me at [email protected] and perhaps we can chat.


Mel - April 26

Have you not talked to your mother about this? I think you really need to discuss this with her and let her help you make you decision. Give her a chance to help.



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