Looking To Help A Pregnant Teen

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Kim - November 20

I live in York, PA with my husband and kids and we would love to help a pregnant teen if she needs te help. Let us know the kind of help you need and we will try our best to help. If we can't personally help you then we will point you to someone who can help you instead.Ask us anything, food, shelter, baby needs, referral info, or just simple questions. We will keep everything as private as you need it to [email protected]


ally - November 20

my question is why are u looking to help vulnerable teens and how do they know u aren't some murdering nutcases.. In this day and age its scary that u cant trust a soul


kim - November 20

Well Ally, first of all I can't murder anyone through email and on the same note why would you write anything about yourself or to anyone online if you are here hunting murderers? I am looking to help because that is in my nature. I have always been one to try to help anyone in need that I came across, I've been that way since I was a little girl. I have volunteered in schools, homeless shelters, hospitals, etc. I have given items of need and my time to homeless people and young moms no matter that they were srangers to me they were still grateful for whatever they received. And yes, I have also helped my own family. I recently let a friend who was the victim of domestic violence and her 3 sons live with my family for 7mths while she got her life restarted. If anyone is worried about my intentions, I would be more than happy to let hem speak with anyone that can vouch for me before I would get anywhere near them. I hope this helps ease your mind as well as the minds of others. I know how scary the world is but trust me its even scarier when you need help and everyone is more afraid to look at you let alone help you. Some people are just not as fortunate to have family and friends help out.


My answer - November 21

I would offer the same suggestion to you that is offered to those people trying to adopt on these chat boards... go to a registered shelter (there are many that are geared for pregnant teens), become a foster parent, volunteer at your local Planned Parenthood or Crisis Pregnancy Center. It is highly suspect to be "advertising" on a chat board. Good for you for wanting to help, but there are better ways of going about it than this.


me too - November 21

I have also helped people in need, currently helping and also a member of volunteer staff for a shelter for women and children. To Kim in PA: I have thought about starting my own shelter for those in need, specifically young moms and children since that is the majority of the ones I've helped. I can understand your intentions and I can also see the point that "My answer" is saying too. But I think that if the ones wanting to help can provide a sort of background check with references to prove that they aren't ax murderers then the young moms would feel better about accepting help from a stranger. My 2 cents.


kim - November 21

i did offer references in my reply to ally in case you missed reading that part. anyone who needs my a__sistance is welcome to any check on me they like. i am no more dangerous than the other women who answer people's questions reguarly on this site. does anyone here have a phd in pregnancy to give advice?


To Kim - November 21

I am sure if you really wanted to help pregnant teens, you can find plenty where you live! This ad makes you and your husband sound like creepy weirdos!


kim - November 21

you guys have taken my kindness way out of proportion. thanks for your input but i will continue to offer my help and whoever needs it is welcome to it. remember everyone has a choice and i don't force anyone to reply to me.


Ally - November 21

Kim, while you may be well intentioned, this ad of your is rediculous. References or not, I would never advise any young person to respond to an ad like yours. It's dangerous and you should know better. Like others have said, work with shelters and other organizations in your community. This is not the place for an ad like yours. Advice is one thing, but it sounds too much like you are luring a vulnerable person into a potentially dangerous situation. Don't you read the papers?


nobody - November 21

Man, people jump down your throat when you don't help and people jump down your throat when you actually do try to help. Kim I find it a very nice gesture for you to give your time to help teens. If some of you would clearly read and try to understand, in this site there is a page that SPECIFICALLY mentions not to take any of this information over a doctors, BUT it is designed for mature people like kim with a husband and kids who has had experience to offer advice. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE COME TO THIS SITE, looking for advice. If she has a question that she can answer, she probably will to the best of her knowledge, and if she can't answer I'm sure she would have you talk to someone who can.


kim - November 21

thank you "nobody". everyone is so quick to jump on the bandwagon of bashing me and making me out to be a psycho but did anyone stop to read my ad? nowhere does it say come to my home, my city, or even come anywhere near me. i did not advertise any physical contact where i can lure people and make someone a headline. my exact words were "ASK us anything" maybe if all you bashers stopped to read, life would be easier. has anyone heard of email, telephone, or postal mail? can i not research and tell someone what i find out, or give away baby or maternity needs via mail from myself, my church, or any other organization? can i not lend a listenening ear like evryone else here hs done on this site? has anyone of you stopped to think that i don't want to be "murdered"either? these innocent young girls you are defending are not always so innocent you know..as i said earlier i don't force anyone into contacting me so please stop putting words in my mouth that i never said and worry about your own lives and let others make their own choices.and also, please learn to read what is written before you a__sume what you thought you saw.


Jbear - November 22

I think it's great that you're trying to help someone. I was like that when I was younger, but I learned some hard lessons...once I took in a woman and her son who had nowhere to go and after a couple of days they started beating each other so badly I was shocked, they stole my stuff, refused to leave, and the woman tried to seduce my husband...another time I bought groceries for someone because her kids told my sister they had no food and were eating hard candy for dinner (the mom hadn't realized there was a month gap in food stamps) and when I took the food to the woman she threw it at me...anyhow, I've had so many bad experiences that I've pretty much given up. It's nice to see someone who hasn't given up yet. Just be careful, for yourself and your kids...there are people out there who will take everything you have to give and then get mad because you haven't given them more.


karine - November 22

i agree with jbear...just be careful. And to the rest of you...Kim did...it could stay to emails and phone calls too. she didnt want to MAKE them have to see her. She is just wanting to help like all of you, when you answer these boards. i dont see anything wrong with that.


To the paranoids... - November 23

Jeez, you guys! In this day and age we have access to post office boxes and unlisted numbers and lots of things that make a person hard to find. Stop freaking out! It's not like Kim is trying to steal your internal organs. She could be the answer to someone's very important question.


kim - November 23

thanks ladies



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