Loss Of Friends

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Britty - November 27

Has anyone else lost alot of their friends, not because they don't want to talk to you, but because you don't want to talk to them? The only people I ever talk to anymore is my boyfriend. Which is fine I love him to death, but I feel like I betrayed my friends.


Donna - November 27

Hi, I guess it's pretty normal when you fall in love to want to spend as much time with them as possible. I think you will find that you'll be much happier if you keep your friendships as well. It's a nice balance to be able to spend time with both, Girls need their friends to talk about Girl things. I'm sure they may be missing you and would love to have you back in their lives.


mia - November 27

Guys come and go all the time. If your current guy leaves you then you will be left all alone. Trust me it happens so go get back those friends cause you will need them if this man dissapears on you. Its also not healthy to be so dependant on someone like you seem to be. You need your friends like donna says for girlie things and as much as you love your guy now remember sometimes its not forever even if u think its going to be. Mine left me not long ago after 5 yrs so let me tell you i thought i was safe. Every girl needs a friend.


Donna - November 27

Keep your friends, they are the ones that are there when the boyfriend falls through. Don't close the walls in on your world. We all need more than one person in our lives that we can share things with. Take time for your friends, be there for them when they need you. Have fun together! A good boyfriend will understand that you need to spend time with friends. He needs the same thing. Save your friendships now before it's too late. Tell them you're sorry for neglecting them.


I have no friends - November 28

Keep your friends but also realize that you don't talk to them because they may not share the same common interests with you any longer . Friendship always starts off exactly where you last left off . Consider meeting new friends who share the same interests


Natalie - November 28

since i have been pregnant i feel the same way. alot of my friends are full of drama and b___hing, and i just want to settle down with my fioncee and my baby (once shes born). its like a wierd sense of, not wanting to be involved in the dramam because you are just too tired and dont need the added ha__sells. i do stil talk to some of my friends but when there telling me about who b___hes about who and what they said and how dare they do this i think to myself, gosh your 18-19 years old, grow up! lol


CAROL - November 28

I find the majority of my friends are curious/excited about my pregnancy. They don't know a whole lot about pregnancy/childbirth in general, and a few seem a little uncomfortable aroud me. Others can't stop touching my belly, others blush and look away if I catch them looking at it.



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