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whenshe - June 1

Hey everyone, my name is Alana, I just found out I am pregnant. I haven't gone to the doctors yet or anything but my last period was April 3rd so I'm about 8 weeks.. I've told my mom, and my fiance has told his mom. They're both acting pretty weird about it. How did you all deal with your parents? I am so lost. Tyler(fiance) is going to the army, and we don't know when he leaves yet but when he does, I do not know where I am supposed to go, I'm just hoping my mom warms up to the idea. They just keep saying we're too young, blah blah blah. I understand where they are coming from though, but my fiance is 21, and I'm going to be 20 in February, so we aren't THAT young anymore. So I would just like some insight on how your parents took it and if you have any advice for me what so ever on my mom please help me out.


sophandbob - June 1

My mum has been great, but has also come out with some cla__sic comments, such as "you do realise I'll be on holiday then, don't you?" when i told her my due date. Unfortunately there does not seem to be much you can do to change your mums opinion. You can only do that by showing maturity as you go through the pregnancy. 21 and 19 is still pretty young, so I can see where they are coming from in that respect, so maybe that is the area where you have to rea__sure them. You have shown you must be committed to one another through your engagement, but now you need to show extra commitment through your togetherness and preparation for the new arrival. I think you could start by getting your accomodation sorted. He could discuss his options with his superiors. This will show you are taking your responsibilties seriously and sensibly.


sophandbob - June 1

I meant, much you can do immediately to change your mums opinion, this is gonna be something that will happen gradually.


MamaKW10 - June 1

My husband is 21-he will be 22 June 29 & I turned 20 in March! I was really really scared to tell my parents. Well my father anyways but to tell you the truth they most likely won't be as "mad" as you think they really will be. I am 35 weeks pregnant now and everyone is really excited about the baby. Just be strong. Stick to it & show them that you are mature enough to do this! They will lighten up about it no matter what they say or do & most likely be happy in the long run! Your mother will not be able to resist her beautiful grandchild when it gets here! :)


whenshe - June 2

aww thanks mamakw10. good luck to you and your husband :)


Blackeye - June 2

I hope everything goes well. Good luck to you and everybody.



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