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waitngformyangel - November 9

im 17 and today i am 37w2d. about two years ago i went to the hospital cause i was feeling really faintish and just not myself it turned out that i was anemic. during my whole pregnancy i have been worried about my low iron count. sometimes it normal but most of the time its just not where the dr.s would like it to be. besides taking my prenatal vitamins and my irons pills is there anything else that could raise my iron levels?? im really nervous because i would love to deliver naturally but at the same time my mom is worried because she thinks that if i dont get my iron up i might have to have a blood transfusion. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you and god bless. :D


AddysMummy - November 9

Red meats, spinach, that helps a lot. I know what you are going through I have severe anemia, so a lot of the times it is hard for me to do anything because my blood levels are at 8.1 which is dangerous (at delivery I almost needed a transfusion.) But don't over exhert yourself too much, and continue to take your vitamins, because vitamin c helps the absorbtion of iron. so orange juice and oranges. Pretty much eat very healthy! :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 9

but not to much red meats, its not healthy for the baby...i was terrified of eating red meats while pregnant...your doctors didn't suggest anything?


waitngformyangel - November 9

they jsut said to keep taking my vitamins.... but yes i know dont yell at me.. sometimes i forget to take them... idk why... it just kinda slips my mind which i know is really bad.


grow_up - November 9

You don't have much longer to go, but if you have trouble remembering to take your prenatals you can try a few things. Go get a weekly pill box, Monday - Sunday and put a pill in for each day. Put the container somewhere that is very obvious and you will see through out the day. Maybe next to your bed, the computer, the kitchen table, anywhere visible. Set the alarm on your clock or cell phone to go off so you get that little buzz as an extra reminder. If using your cell phone, you can set it for several times through out the day in case you aren't home at the time it goes off. It's really a matter of getting in a routine. Taking them at the same time, such as when you first wake up or right before bed, can be helpful.


ChattyKathy - November 9

Just relax and take your vitamins. You don't want to overdo it because TOO much iron can be just as bad for you as not enough.



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