Lying About Pregnancies

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Brittany - November 15

I was watching a show on TV last night about women and what they'd do to have a baby. Many women lied about being pregnant, kidnapped someone elses newborn (to look like they just had the baby and pose as their own baby), or even went to the length of killing the mother and cutting her unborn baby out of her belly. These women who do this have serious mental problems. When you come on here and lie about being pregnant, it's really really messed up. And I want all the other young girls out there to be careful about who you talk to on MSN or myspace or whatever messaging service you use. Don't be giving out your name and due dates and where you live, it's just not good. I have come on here to make friends with girls in the same situation as I, and there are great people out there, but after watching that show, I'm freaked out. And reading all of your posts and comments girls, all this lying about pregnancies and stuff, is just very immature (I put you in the mentally messed up categories of these women who kidnap babies or kill mothers). And I see you all typing about talking on MSN and everything, just be careful, you have no idea who is on the other side of that computer. Anyways, I just wanted to spread the word for everyone to be careful. This forum is about teen pregnancy, not about where we live, it's not about lying, it's about helping and giving advice. I get annoyed seeing drama filled threads, no wonder young parents get looked down on. It gives girls like me a bad name because you other girls act irresponsible and immature. There are great young moms out there, lets all be mature and give our babies a woman to look up to! Best of luck to everyone!


jennifer_33106 - November 15

Holy c___p! I have never thought about that but yeah it is so true. Thats why when people ask me to Chat or what ever I never do. haha I have very few people I actually talk with online. Actually, only 2. haha Yeah there are some creepy a__s people out there and who knows what someone else is actually thinking on the other side of the screen. Im glad you posted this!!


kendra.marie - November 16

good point brittany =]


tish212 - November 16

the show is called...."I'd kill for a baby" it comes on TLC and Discovery Health...the lady that actually killed the mother and stole the baby (by performing a csection) was just found guilty in court...about 2 weeks ago. but she isn't the first to try....another woman located a pregnant woman off of a pregnancy gift registrey. she tried to kill her as well luckly that mother fought back and killed her attacker to save her baby. Brittany brings up a good point...there are sick people out there who will do ANYTHING to get a baby...therefore... do not share ur personal info with matter how nice they seem.... and for the girls that lie....the younger ones do it for the attention...pregnant ladies get tons of attention so therefore they feel its the way to get the attention they crave. its sad yes...but what's sadder is that there is a reason behind it...a bad family relationship...poor home life...things like that.I realize it is upsetting dealing with the fake posts....and knowing people are lying...but realize there is a deeper aggravates me to read foolish fake posts...but what is more upsetting is seeing everyone attack them....they long for attention and by fighting them u just feed their desire. this site is made to help remember that the next time u attack someone....there may be a deeper problem. and honestly I'm not getting involved in this fight at all...cuz I don even know her but move on from attacking kendra...if u feel she lied then so be it...if u don't think she did then so be that...either way ur constant fighting may be scaring off a teen in serious need of all of u guys' help.... u said ur piece about what u feel about move on back to helping the lost teens who are scared confused and in need of rea__surance. AND like Brittany said DON'T share ur personal info with anyone.... its for ur own safety and the safety of ur baby. gl to all the girls who are expecting...but remember u came here for help and return the favor stop fighting and offer ur help. :)


ShoppingForTwo - November 16




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