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kay - February 3

Why dont you just pop that snot bubble out of your nose and give up now. Serously you are starting to actaully sounding really immuture and pathetic. Put down the thesaurus to make your "debates" sound more mature and go and do something with yourself if you seem to be the only one having the "proper " lifestyle.You seem to think that you know what every single teen mother is doing in there life right now. Are you some sort of spy going around teen mothers houses watching there every move. Thought not. Get a job or something you dont seem to be doing anything else with your life. well apart from the ranting and raving which to be honest isnt having any affect on us anymore. We teen mothers are more smarter then to take your shit seroiusly. girls just dont reply to her post anymore dont give her the satisfication of typing back . Leave her up to hating everything . She will go and find somewhere else to use her copy and paste on something else she hates.Simple she aint here , she will soon get bored . If she write something just and move on. Atleast we can come on and have a laugh every now and again whenever she posts trying to get our attention eh ! Seroisuly girls keep strong , and be proud of who you are . Leave the immuture liccle girls up to there little debate games and just laugh it off. ;)


Awww - February 3

maddie cant help having her little paddies. All I know that if her life was so great she wouldnt be on here throwing hissy fits to get attention! Anyway from now on consider her ignored by me.


becca - February 3

yea i think she has a problem i mean fair enuf she clearly dosent agree with teenage pregnancy and teenage mothers but dosent mean there going to go away she needs 2 xcept it and move on


Hilary - February 3

Why doesn't she stay on her own little forum.. this is for teen moms and moms to be NOT her


KM - February 3

Its funny, if you look at her website shes giving her opinion on baby names and what not.. what kind of name is MADDIE anyway?? LOL Her mother really should have had an abortion with her and saved us all the grief.


Nurse H - February 4

girls girls, first of all stop all this silly bikering! This is site for yes you teens, but not to debate, but to swap stories, and reasure each other about their encounters or worries with teen pregnancy, PLEASE ALL OF U STOP AND USE THIS SITE FOR WHAT IT WAS INTENTED FOR!!!!!!


Kay - February 4

Nurse H , if you read throughly i was insuring for people to ignore her posts and to see who and what she really is. Some people have been truley upset over the post . here i state to leave her to it. Please read through post before commenting on bickering , and if you had any idea us girls are using the site for what its intended for. One invidual isnt where as i state that to stop them replying to her post as it gives maddie more satisfication on hurting those that need help .



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