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Shal - May 2

Hello everyone. This post is not about TTC or pregnancy. I'm sure you've all heard about little MADELEINE McCANN, the British little girl who went missing while on holiday with her family in Portugal, well it's now been a year. I just thought it would be nice if we took a moment to remember her and remind ourselves to keep looking. here's the website link w w dot findmadeleine dot com Take a look, e-mail the link on to all your contacts in your part of the world and please pray for her safe return. I'm going to post this everywhere today. it doesn't need replies. Good luck to all TTC or all who have reached their goal XX


PreciousBaby19 - May 3

i know shes just a little i wish to god shes not hurt and when she is found. i hope she goes to some decent loviong parents. I also hope those two other not get to stay with the macaines...although i will sit and remember maddie..who i hope to god is not being hurt or abused.


angelmonkey - May 3

personally i think all that little girl is going to want is HER parents.lots of people have different views onthis but mine is that they may have left that little girl by her self but everyone makes mistakes but it does not mean they deserve what they hav egone trough. i truely believe these parents have done nothing wrong to deserve the bad things they get said about them. all they want is to be a family again and i really really hope they all get reunited again soon.


PreciousBaby19 - May 4

I do respect your veiw on this...i repect everyones veiw on this ...I honestly do NOT think that they deserve tose things said about them. I also dont think that they thought any harm would come to heir daughter..However, they didn't jut leave them alone once. But many many times....the kids were actually woudnering why there parents didn't come to them in the night when they were crying...the night before she was taken. I seriously think those other two kids shouldn't be with them...but i do hope that all the kids come to no harm. And hope that little girl is found safe and sound.


PreciousBaby19 - May 4

Oh and if anyone had left their child more than once or neglected them in any way....mostly services in america would instantly take them away...with no the littest thing...yet seems that the adults can put on a sad face and still get away with things like that. Thats my view on it..but i do respect that others have a different view cause this isn't a straight forward subject.



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