Make My Wishes Come True

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nena - November 13

i had s_x for the 1st time almost a week ago...i noticed lately i feel bloated...all food makes me sick...i feel sick from time to time specially at night *my mom was like that with me* is it possible that i'm pregnant...i'm 17 and i really want to be a mom can somebody please tell me what you think? the father of the baby...his sister thinks im prego cause she is and she knowz and his brother knowz that i am he said its obvious....but like i said i really need help i really wanna be a mommy. i even feel like im pregnant cause i def. didnt like feel like this b4 and neva b4 have i felt like this...respond back please! thanks!


C-Lee - November 13

u want to be a mum at 17? why?


nena - November 13

for one i work a full-time job...i practically raised my nephew and i have the patience and time it takes to be a mom...i'm ready in so many ways. but can anyone tell me if those are good signs of pregnancy?


Michelle - November 13

Hey nena. Yes thoes are good signs!!! You should go get a hpt so u can have a idea. And after that go to the doc and get a hcg blood test. How late are you on your period?


red - November 13

Having a baby is not as easy as you may think. You should take a pregnancy test to find out. Since this is what you really want I hope you know what you are getting yourself into. If you are I wish you and your baby the best.


nena - November 13

i wont be able to take a pregnancy test till next month (december) so i have to wait a while but i really hope that i am...not only will my wish come true but it will give my babys father a wake up call that you just dont do certian things. keep the advice coming. oh and by the way i also help take of his sister who is pregnant. ive been around kids my whole life so to me this will complete life.


H - November 13

Doesn't sound like your blokes ready at all. I think you should have thought things through a little more. And in less than a week its unlikely to be having symptoms yet. You may be working full time now but if you are having a baby you will have to give that up to take care of your child 24/7 and the money you've saved won't last long. You seem to be only thinking of yourself and your wants and needs in all of this. What about your boyfriend? Does he want a child? If he is not ready this will be very hard for him.



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