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Jenny - November 3

I'm 18 and I think I'm pregnant. I have been dating this guy for a little while and we had unprotected s_x on my 14th day. Neither of us knew that it was the most fertile day until I looked it up on the internet. To make the entire matter worse he just told me he is married! He has only been married for 2 yrs and said he got married too early, but that doesn't matter. I am only a day late but I really feel worried this time. The only symtom I have is that my nipples are erect alllll the time now, and they never did that before. Also Ive been eating a lot more, but It may just be my imagination If I find out I'm pregnant what should I do? I'm completely lost.


E - November 3

Are you angry with this man for keeping this important bit of info from you? Just know that if you want to keep the baby, you will be tied to him for the rest of your life, in some way. Are you okay with that? That helped me make a desicion when I fell pregnant at 18. Best wishes:)


FELICIA - November 3

You should have knew what you were getting yourself into when you decided to have unprotected s_x. so you knew there were possibilities of getting pregnant know is not the time to worry you need to go have a pregnancy test done and find out right of way and handle your responsibility. As for the guy girl drop him he lied once he'll do it again. He should have been strait up from the get go. There ain't no telling know what he's gonna be truthfull about know. What if he says he's gonna be there for that baby and turns his back on you. Half of these guys out there in this world or are just looking for a lay, and only half own up to their responsibility. Hadle your business girl and be strong. Best wishes to you.


Jenny - November 4

I don't want to be a home-wrecker. I had no idea he was married, especially since I met him at school (college). I know he is going to law school next fall and I am going to a private college, so we are both headed for good futures and I know I am not at all ready for a baby and I would not want to hurt his wife at all. I have already called things off with him bc I found out he was married, but now I'm just waiting for the results:( Are hard nipples a symptom or no?


Missy - November 4

I don't think hard nipples are a symptom, tender b___sts is a symptom. What a jerk I would be totally p__sed off at him. Go take an Early First Response tests it's the best tests out there in my opinion. It might ease your mind and it might all be in your imagination. Good luck and let me know the outcome.



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