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CAROL - November 10

Where did you ladies find your faviourite maternity clothes? What stores? I'm already outgrowing my regular clothes (from bloating, not baby, but what's the difference when your pants are pinching?). I was looking at Motherhood Maternity the other day, and Target's line as well. Any opinions/experience? All replies appreciated. Thanks, ladies!


Angel - November 10

hi carol, i know im not pregnant yet but i do know that ebay has wonderful things on it, often very good bragain prices. Good luck! Im not American so I don't know what shops you have over there. =¬)


Jbear - November 10

Old Navy has a line of maternity clothes, and so does Gap. I bought all of mine at thrift stores...why spend $40 for a pair of pants when I can get it slightly used for $3? Keep in mind, if you buy maternity clothes really early in your pregnancy, they may not fit by the third trimester.


CAROL - November 10

I just need pants. I'm so bloated that I can't even do my pants up. To put it bluntly, it really sucks. I've been using an elastic band, but it pinches my skin sometimes. I do laundry regularly, and even if I can't find a second hand pair, I'll happily pay for a couple of pairs of pants. Anything! My mother suggested I wear pyjama pants or buy larger sizes at the store. I'd rather get something that can grow with me for months, not weeks, though.


to carol - November 10

Keep in mind that most major store require you to be 18 to purchas maternity clostes.I do not mean for this to be rude.


CAROL - November 10

Really. That's discrimination, if I may say. Nonetheless, my cousin who I live with, is older than that, and can simply purchase them for me. Why must we be 18? If I'm in the store with my mother and wanting to pay for my clothes, will they disallow this? Further examples of American stupidity. Dear Lord why did my parents ever move here...


amy - November 10

Depending on how tall you are and weight you can get by with sweets and strechy pants.Any discount store would have them for a few bucks.There are lots of stylish cotton sweets and workout pant that will take you into your first few months.


Steph - November 10

That is totally untrue. Carol, you can buy maternity clothes if you are under the age of 18. You don't have to have your mom with you, it's not like it's alcohol or tabacco, it's freaking clothes.


CAROL - November 10

Workout pants would be a good idea. Maybe I can borrow some of my mother's yoga pants. She's a bit thicker about the waist. I'm rather tall and thin, so maybe they'll fit... here's hoping.


Jbear - November 10

Carol, have you heard of the Belly Belt? Do a search on it, it's like a maternity panel that b___tons into the fly of your pants. I'm sure you're eager to start wearing maternity clothes, but you'll be sick of them by the end of your pregnancy, I promise. I've never heard of an age restriction on buying maternity clothes, but I'm sure if you had your mother with you there would be no problem, if there was going to be one in the first place.


CAROL - November 10

JBear, I'm not necessarily eager to wear maternity clothes, but... I cannot put up with these pants any longer. I've considered cutting off the waist portion, but alas, then they'd probably fall off my hips. I have heard of Belly Belt, before. I'll definately look into it. Thank you for helping me.


padora - November 10

i am sorry i dont mean to be rude but i am laughing so hard because CAROL talks of discrimination and american stupidity, yet fell fo rsomething so obviously ludacris and untrue then called americans stupid-talk about stupidity and discrimination-c'mon girl are you for real?


to carol - November 10

Many girl on this site talked about having to be 18 to buy maternity cloths.It may depend on state by state or store policy but I do know it has only been in the past few months.There are a lot of people who don't know of this change. Just call the stores your looking to buy from.


brandi - November 10

Bringing up age restriction.Is anyone aware of the one on spray paint.I know it is off the subject but talk about insainity.LOL


angel* - November 10

walmart is good also if u have a crisis pregnancy center near u they give girls free clothes they are wonderful... also goodwill or salvation army they have good stuff cheap if u look good luck


misti - November 10

Carol my friend wore mother hood cloths but she also just wore pj pants and her b/f s sweat pants and sweats through her pregnancy i think walmart has a pretty good selection but anyway good luck and how mad was your mom?


to brandi - November 11

The age restriction on spray paint is because it can be sprayed into the cap and then inhaled...what is meant by "sniffing paint" and can be quite dangerous. There are age restrictions on some otc cold medications, too. For anyone else who is wondering, there is not an age restriction on maternity clothes (and if you have any doubt, call the store and ask before you go). There's not an age restriction on condoms, either (I've actually had a kid ask me that before).



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