Maternity Clothes HELP

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Corrine321 - April 2

Okay well I have no luck what so ever, I have a few maternity shirts from old navy and walmart.... But I went to Old Navy and thought I would try on some of there pants cause i need pants badly!! well I wear an XS in there shirts and pants (maternity)... But the XS is way to big on my legs!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so frustrared!!!!! I need to know where I can get some nice jeans or skirts for these last few months... I been getting with Hollister & Abercrombie & Fitch Sweatpants... I just would like to wear jeans agian!!! definitaly cause its spring now!! so someone please tell me some stores that might help me out!!


Mommy - April 2

When I was pregnant, I wore the low-rise stretch jeans in a size bigger so the top would be under my belly b___ton. I also wore the stretch dresses and sweat shorts like you wear in P.E. I got most of my stuff from the Family Dollar. They were cute, cheap, and a good fit usually. Hope this helps.


ChannY - April 3

You should go to one of those mother hood store. i went there for some pairs of pants, t-shirts. those elastic pants i hate it so all this times ive been wearing sweats pants


corinne - April 3

You can also do the rubberband trick with regular pants that way you can still feel some what normal. I know exactly what your talking about. I don't know but I think that the stylists think that when you get prego your legs get fat as well which isn't true for everyone.


Brittany - April 3

I hate maternity pants so much that I just wear my old pants with a belt so they stay up. I hate the way maternity pants make your legs and b___t look so I just squeeze into my old ones and keep em unb___toned but use a belt. If you dont wanna do that just buy a bunch of maternity dresses. Good luck!


golden - April 3

try target they have alot of cute maternity dresses and skirts last time i checked



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