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Keyon's mommy - May 7

hey ladies. I have a friend who has a three month old son, she is in the foster car system she is seventeen going on eighteen in july ( I think). She was recently able to live with her mother but they disagreed and her mother kicked her out. She is staying by her boyfriends house, but she must have gotten in a fight with the boyfriend ( physical fight) and she must have confided in her son's godfather and he went and told her mother and her mother told her social worker. I'm pregnant and ready to give birth anyday and my family won't let her stay here at all... we live in a apartment that's just big enough for our family, plus I don't want her to come here and we get in trouble being that she is a minor. I'm afraid for her because she wants to move into a shelter that her friend told her about ( her friend is adult). Anyway I'm scared that if she keeps moving around like that her case worker will take the baby away. Should I tell her to go back into foster care or try independent living? I feel so bad that I can't offer her a place to stay. What should I do. thanx ladies


bump - May 7



Keyon's mommy - May 7

Please someone answer


Sydney - May 7

you should try to contact some teen mother help centers in your area, it is the best way to go, they will help you and you friend find everything you need, if you need anything else email me @ [email protected]


vanessa - May 11

hey i think you should tell her to get bak to her child before she loses it or she culd try independant livin buh she wuld hav to b on welfare


Lisa - May 12

If she has a case worker, why isn't he/she helping her instead of posing a threat? Isn't that the case workers job?? Your friend is going to have to start taking responsibilty for her baby and find a stable home for them both to live. Does she have any family members that can her help her out until she finds a place of her own?



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