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I SUPPOSE I MIGHT BE 3 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! i have had so many problems with deciding wether I am or not, wether i have something to worry about, or wether or not i can just let that question of " am i pregnant" feeling out of my system. Well, i went to the docs, and they are going to take a blood draw for me on Saturday( tomorrow) and i might have to wait around 3-5 days but i have a quick question... on the paper... it says that they are testing for HCG, Serum(Preg) Qual..... I know that this might sound stupid but what does that mean??? Also, there is another one that that they are NOT testing which is HCG, Serum, Quant.... What is the difference?. And also, this could be the dumbest question of them all but what actually, does HCG stand for??? Well, i have a deep feeling in my gut that i could be, in fact pregggers but i have not taken pre-Natal vitamins. So, do you think in the mean time, taking vitamins for instance Flintstones( i love Flintstones he he) is alight for the baby????????


~*~C~*~ - July 15

If you think you are pregnant you should be taking prenatal vitamins. Flintstones may not have enough folic acid. Good Luck with the Test


~*~C~*~ - July 15

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) is a hormone secreted from the placenta into the maternal circulation with a role in the maintenance of a viable pregnancy. The serum concentration of hCG is used for the detection and monitoring of pregnancy and some malignant conditions.


Audrey - July 15

Cali- You need to be taking vitamins that contain at least 0.6 mg of folic acid, and 20 mg of zinc. Both of these are essential to the baby's health. Best wishes!


wow - July 15

good luck


calichica - July 15

Well, the thing is, is the Dr is just testing me right now( because, i have gone threw so much thinking on wether or not i am or not) so i am unable to get the pre-Natal's from the Dr. I have herd that it is best to get the vitamins you need from your Dr in case there is a vitamin that you are missing that you despertly neeed for the health of your baby. but then again, i have herd that you can get pre-Natal's from the drug store. What do you sugest i should do. I am so scared, that since, i could be around 3 months, that i might of already put my baby( if baby) in alot of dangeer.....I am not stupid, i know what i need to do, but i was just hoping that somebody could give me some advice on the best way to go...


well.. - July 15

Once the doc tells you if you are or not, see if he'll give you a script for some. You can get them from the drug store though.


wondering - July 15

Alright, i know that this might sound fowel but alright, i notice, that i am extremly wet most of the time.( It feels that i have started my period, but that is how i feel all the time).. well there are times, that i notice, a cloudy looking, c_m looking, substance that occurs for me. It is very sticky and i can extend it from my thumb and my forfinger. I have herd that that only occurs when you are ovulating, and when that is in sight, then it is baby making time... Does that occure for pregnant women???


calichica - July 17

Well, i just want to come and update! I did go and get my blood drawn yestruday. They did, infact, test for pregnancy as well as a number of other things. They told me, that my results would be back in about a week. So you are going to have to hold up a bit untill you know the answer.


Soleil - July 17

you can take 2 flinstones viatmins daily, or you can just go to the drug store and ask them where the prenatal vitamins are at and you dont need a prescription. Y is it going to take so long to get ur results back? I had a blood test done after i got a positive pee test. and i got the results within 24 hours.


soleil - July 17

o yea, y do u think ur 3 mo pregnant? Is it cuz uve missed ur period or something? havent u taken an at-home pregnancy test? how old r u?


calichica - July 17

~**~LOOKS UP~**~ Well, first off, thank you for your post... I have been taking vitamins( not pre natals) and also, have been drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and just doing anything i could, until i find out for sure if i am prego or not. Well, the reason why i have waited so long to find out is because of this: I was having s_x three months ago, during my ovulation time( when looking back on it, i was ovulating and i hadnt known until looking back on it) and when i received my period, it was extremely light. Spotting really. There was no flow at all. Well, moving on to the next month( May)... I was starting to feel so many symptoms that i have never felt before( i wasn't really thinking about pregnancy at that time) well. again, when expected. I received my period. But there was no flow to it. I started off spotting pink, brown, and then red... there was some what of a flow, but really nothing. At the end of my 3rd going on 4Th day, i started to spot brown and then it stopped all together... Well moving on to the next month( June)... I started feeling soooooo diff compared to what i have felt in my life. I was feeling nauseous, when eating i felt that i was going to throw up, i was having back pains,head aches, ECT. Well, the same time, when expected, i received my period. IN the beginning there was a flow. It was extremely Heavy( the First 3 hrs or so and compared to what i have seen in the past 2 months) And just the color, was diff to me).( every time when received my " period" the coloring looked odd..... Well, i went to sleep that night and woke up and there was nothing there. Then i noticed that during the 2ND full day... there was no sight of blood anywhere. Then i started to spot pink... and for the next, i should say, 1/2 day or so, i was spotting bright pink and the bleeding stopped all together. I still continue to feel diff. Just overall, my body has changed on me. Yes, i have been thinking about pregnancy allot but trust me, the way i am feeling, and the way i am looking, is not just in my mind. But, i am happy tho. I have finally tooken a real pregnancy test... AND a good one at that( by blood) so i will see what the results are on that. And also, the reason why it is taking to long to find out, is because they are testing for a number of other things as well...


calichica - July 17

Well, i know exzaclty how you feel. I went to the dr. and they told me that i had a UTI.... i took my medication for that but i still continue to have that sick to my stomcah feeling. So i am hapy that i will finnaly get the test results back. By the way... i am 16... n you?


Soleil - July 17

I am 20 and I have a 6 mo. old daughter that I named Ariana Gisele. Well wot u gonna do if u are preggers? Does the father know that he might be a daddy soon? Wot r u gonna do if u not? Are you going to get on birth control? Raising a baby into an adult is very hard! Anyways so they diagnosed u with UTI, I had that once. Well actually they said it wasnt that but i had the symptoms but was treated with UTI antibiotics. It wouldnt work and so I had to have ultrasounds done to check like my kidneys and bladder but nothing. I had pains and the next step was (i think i dont remember) they were suppose to put a die in me (somehow) so that when they take and x-ray(i think it was an x-ray) they can see my organs better to see what the hell was wrong with me. This was like in feb. of last year. I didnt do it cuz i left to california and when i came back in april i got pg.


calichica - July 17

Well, about me keeping my baby... of course. I want a baby... I did not expect that i would get prego when im at this age but i will do anything to make it work. My life is going to change... but i know for the better. Yes, my hubbie does know that he might be a daddy soon. We are both a little bit nervous about it.. because we are gunna have to rush the money up quick.... but we know that it will be worth it. So how many babys do you have????? Are you married????? Well, get back at me


Soleil - July 17

I just have one, im not married but live with my bf. (baby daddy). We been together since i was 15. We bought a house in April and so its basically us 3 plus his other daughter who is 8. Well if you are preggers finish school! School is soo important. I was in college when i got pg but was able to finish the fall semester which ended in december when i was 8 mo. pregnant. I gave birth to my daughter in January. And then took online cla__ses in March and decided to take the summer off. I am going back to finish hopefully this upcomming fall semester. Well girl if you are preggers its good that you want to keep it. I dont think if i were pregnant that id be able to give up my baby after carrying him/her for 9 months, neither would id abort or anything like that even though im pro-choice. Do know this, if you are not preggers that in the beginning it might seem like all u have to do is put a little more work into it to raise a baby and everything is fine, well thats not how it is. It is really hard even for me and I just turned 20. Although I do have my man by my side and the occasional help from his daughter I swear its the hardest thing ive ever had to do. If I could go back I would have waited til i was like 30 when school was out of my way and i could afford to take about 4 years off of work so I, and not a babysitter, can look after my daughter til she is able to go to preschool and then i can go back to work. Do ur parents know? My mom is nosy, and doesnt even play it off. She would always check trash cans to see if i got my period and noticed when she didnt see any pads. So she knew from the beginning even though i denied it til i was almost 4 mo.


calichica - July 17

Well, about my mom knowing. My mom and dad are seperated. so at one time, i went to visit my dad... and from there i left the state. Well... stupid me.... in the begining, when starting to expiernce some symtoms... i wrote her a letter( did not intend on giving it to her until i knew for sure) but like i said, stupid me... and i did not throw it away i kept it in my room. Well my mom, she is very nosey as well.... and she went threw my room or whatever.... and she found the letter.. she then called my dad.. and he apporched me about it but i denyed it as well, because i really dont have enought evidence( or at least, they would say).. sooo when i came back from out of state..... my mom aporoched me about it finnaly( but it took her a month or so) but i denyed it and told her some purpose for writting the letter besdies it being because i am truly pregnant. My mom feels that when my man did visit me( he comes like every couple months or so) that we did have s_x.... but that is something tha ti dont want her to know( she does not need to know) until the results come back that i am infact pregnant. She was talkng to me the other day about how if i was, that she would be disapointed but then she would realize the outcome and understand that she is going to be a grandma and she would help me and things of that sort... But it was just on satruday that i got my blood draw and tested for pregnancy.. but since they are ttesting for a number of other things, i gota wait a little bit longer and that is hard as well. I know that careing for a baby is hard work( woo no body has to give me lecturs on that... i have seen that with my own eyes) but you gota do wut you gota do. I would NEVER have an abortion or an adoption. That just is not for me. I truly feel, that things happen for a reason... me and my man, we were actually watching out for that( getting pregnant, since right now, we are not truly stable).... we made a mistack... and has s_x ONCE without a condom( a couple other times, we would start off without a condom but then we would put one on)but from this mistack.... i belive came out something beautiufl.... and i hope healthy( if i am)



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