Maybe Pregnant Read My Post

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bubzyblue - December 13

i have left a post few days ago but stuff happen since then so after everythink thats happend been trying agen we are still having s_x but i think im pregnant as im getting all the signs i did when i was last pregnant as i lost the baby at 4 months , so now im worry lol every time i touch under my belly i have a sharp pain im very touchy as well and i just cry like i did befor i got pregnant after my period last time so i no it happens so i have had a period already on the 1st off december its now the 13th as i said we do it 3 times a week i no that maybe its to early to maybe gets signs well i have spoken to my mum as im getting white discharge and she n my dr have said i could be pregnant but to early to do a test just when can i do a test?


Grandpa Viv - December 13

The 13th day of your cycle is too early to be pregnant - you would only now be ovulating. Perhaps you got pregnant last cycle and had an in-pregnancy bleed Dec 1st, usually lighter than a regular period. If that is the case it is not too soon to test. Is your mum wanting to you get pregnant, too? Good luck!


bubzyblue - December 13

maybe, i did have some bleeding but was really nothink so might have been that and yes she does as i lost the other one and she understands and will stand by me no matter what we have a very good relationship what helps to i will do a test soon as as i would like to no as its xmas soon lol


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 14

I doubt you are pregnant. Wait till you miss a period then take a test if that happens.


iona - December 14

Your entire life story in this post is one sentence! HAVE PROTECTED s_x FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! Seriously why do you want to be pregnant!


bubzyblue - December 14

its up to me if i wont a baby or not and as i have people behind me im not to worried i work hard at my job i have a nice home thats all what matters


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 15

You sound way too young to be doing this.


bubzyblue - December 15



AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 15



bubzyblue - December 15

is that wierd thn some1 so young doing well in life


amanda17 - December 15

When we use the word "young" we're not talking about your age....


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 15

Um, kiddo, you don't even seem nearly mentally stable enough, and doing well isn't working so hard and living paycheck to paycheck. That's not doing well. That's suffering. And when I say young, I'm not meaning your age because at 17 my now husband and I lived together and were fine.


bubzyblue - December 16

funny,you dont no me to say that but up to you what you think,and my job is great and i dont have to struggle i pay full rent and yet still got money i didnt ask any one to tell me about my life i asked a question and it doesnt matter any more as i no the answer and got my results so thanks for every ones help!!!


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 16



cj13 - December 16

I think that if you are ready to have a baby, then you should be fine. :) i am kinda new to this website and i have a question. does anyone know where I can post?


bubzyblue - December 17

what ever u do dont use this site people will slag you off tell u c___p and try and make u feel small use cow and gate oe yahoo im on yahoo and its much better u can find me on there if u wanna take but lease dont use this site and thank you.


amanda17 - December 17

Yes, don't come here. We tell the truth without sugar coating it. RUN AWAY!! RUN!!! :P



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