Maybe We Re Just Stupid

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amanda17 - August 6

So I decided to have s_x last night since I feel pretty bad for Harold lol it's been like 9 months or something since we last did and he's been sweet about it but I know it's driving him crazy haha. I figure since I just started my period it would be okay, and since I'm just spotting it's not disgusting haha. I also figured that it would be a good time to try out condoms again because if anything happened it would be unlikely that I would get pregnant again... Well guess frickin' what... The condom broke! I even put it on this time myself. I did the little pinch the end thing and rolled it on. I'm pretty sure I put it on correctly I mean it's not rocket science or anything. But every time we try it they keep breaking! Seriously, what's the deal?


kimberly - August 6

Do you use lube? If not maybe you need some. Too much friction can cause them to break. I have only had one condom break in the entire time my dh and I have been married. (11 years) I know that they most commonly break from putting them on wrong. I would use a different method or combine the condom and also use a spermicide to help prevent if it breaks again.


Malica - August 6

We had a bad package once. We'd never had any condoms break then we had 3 out of one box rip. (We threw out the rest). If they're from the same box, toss them and buy a new box.


angelmonkey - August 6

that is just unlucky lol! i really dont know what advice to give you lol, i mean you could try female condoms? i,ve never personaly used them so i dont know what there like they seem a bit weidr to me lol


amanda17 - August 6

I don't have any idea why they keep breaking! I don't use lube *tmi* it's not like we need it haha. We just bought a brand new package of trojan brand ones... I'm not going anywhere near female condoms haha. That just freaks me out. I'm just about frustrated enough to give up on condoms all together and just stick with getting birth control. My doctor said mirena is just for people who are done having kids because it causes infertility. The website says otherwise, but the website didn't go to college so I'm gonna stick with what my doctor said haha. He's going to give me the pill when I'm done b___st feeding. I hope I remember to take it hahaha.


V9653 - August 7

Sorry to get personal, but is your guy possibly too big for the condom you are using???? Because if that is the case then ummm his not so little guy is very understandably busting out of that tight a__s rubber!!!!


AddysMummy - August 7

You may need to get thicker condoms, or try a different brand. Hubs and I have broken lots x_x


amanda17 - August 7

Well I haven't seen like a lot of p___ses...haha, basically I've only seen two up close. His and my last boyfriend's. I didn't know if Harold was really huge or my ex was just really really small hahaha. I'll go to the store and try out some thicker ones and bigger ones... See what helps. I've tried a few different brands and none of them seem to be helping.


AddysMummy - August 7

Yeahh, you might want to try a bigger condom X_X


amanda17 - August 7

I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that lol


krissy2006 - August 10

just FYI - they have female condoms that aren't 'condoms' ... its basically just spermicide that comes in a applicator that looks like a tampon or a douche and you squirt it up in there no longer than 1/2 hour before s_x... just a suggestio so u don't have to worry about taking pills... granted it isn't as good as the pills either, but hey... :)


durante baby - August 10

Wow the word stupid has been getting thrown around the forum jk! *throws a banana at amanda* Here take this it shall prevent pregnancy! *wink*


newbaby2009 - August 10

your doc said the mirena causes infertility? Ive never heard that. I had one for a year and got pregnant within a week of having it removed. Its very popular around here and everyone i know hasnt had any problems. I hated it b/c it killed my s_x drive and caused horrible mood swings.


amanda17 - August 10

Om nom nom nom!!! Yummy birth control banana, my favorite! Krissy- female condoms still seems weird to me. I just wish regular condoms would work for me, I haven't had a chance to go to the store to pick some new ones up yet. I've bought like 10 boxes in the past week trying to find some good ones haha. Newbaby-- I've never heard that either but I trust my doctor to know the risks, he's never let me down before.


amanda17 - August 17

If anyone is wondering... we bought some bigger condoms and.... this problem is solved. haha.


durante baby - August 17

by bigger do you mean you went from extra small to small.....hahahaha *throws monkey poo at amanda*


amanda17 - August 17

Hahahaha, ah I hope he doesn't read that.



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