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worried - July 9

I need some help please. I need to know if there's a chance I could be pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been messing around and usually he c_ms, and then wipes off the c_m with a tissue or something, and then fingers me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for future reference (though I'm going on the pill as soon as I get my period....) as long as he washes his hands and then fingers me I'm okay right? And if there's prec_m on his fingers, and then he wipes it off and then fingers me am I okay? I guess what I'd like to know, is that if his hands are "dry" but had just been wiped, can i get pregnant. I haven't got my period yet and I'm really stressing out here. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Britt - July 9

I don't think your pregnant. Your fine if he washes his hands. I've heard of girls getting pregnant from intercourse with pre-c_m (not fully c_mmin in the v____a) but sperm need wetness in order to get where they need to go. Don't stress, there is probably a 2% chance your pregnant and thats super low. Just be careful!! Hope this helps.


worried - July 9

thanks so much Britt. So do you know if there's a chance if he didn't wash his hands and just wiped it off with a tissue?


Jackie - July 9

I read something that said sperm can live for up to an hour outside the body, UNLESS it had been wiped off or washed off. Once it has been dried off it is not living anymore.


Britt - July 9

If he just wiped it off with a tissue, I still don't think there is a chance you could be pregnant. It's still probably a 2% chance, you'd know you were pregnant, you'd feel signs. I personally think the number one sign of feeling pregnant is b___st soreness. Your not pregnant though, I'm very sure just from hearing your situation.


worried - July 9

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much Britt. I think I've been stressing out too much over it, and that's probably slowed my period from coming. I'm going to try to relax, and you've helped way more than you know. :)


worried - July 12

i took an hpt and it was (-) :) :D


To worried - July 12

I'm glad to hear you came out (-). Just for furture reference, I'd not let anyone finger me that had c_m on his finger even tho he wiped it dry unless he washed his hands with soap and water. Sperm have a way of getting where they want to go.


worried - July 13

yea believe me i've learned my lesson. but i'm wondering, could i have a false negative? i used a clearblue hpt. i think i did it right, and the lines are very clear, but if my last real period was on may 27th, and i tested on july 12th, that's tons of time to have built up hcg if there was any right? if i had to guess......i would say i should have got my period around june 30th ....ish. so i'd be testing, a__suming i was about...12 days late. is that enough time?


... - July 13



Audrey - July 13

Worried- False negatives are possible. If you want to be absolutely certain go to your doc or a clinic and have a blood test done.


nena - July 13

if he c_med and wiped off but didnt wash out and put it back in then theres a 50-50 % so just waite till ur next period to see if it comes but otherwise relax.


worried - July 13

thanks for the info...i talked to him and he said he usually washed his hands, so i'm hoping there's an even smaller chance. does anyone know what the actual chances are if he washed his hands and then fingered? i thought that if there wasnt a significant amount of c_m on his fingers than i'd be okay.....i mean even if there was a little on his hand, and it was wiped off, it would have had to have dried before he fingered me right? And once sperm have dried they are dead i thought. they cant' be 'reactivated'. i hate that i'm still really worried about this, even after i took the hpt. it was negative i thought i'd be fine now. but now i'm questioning whether it was accurate or not....can anyone help me plz....


b - July 14



LittleNurseMommy - July 14

Honey, relax, you are most likely not pregnant. Sperm are easily destroyed in most conditions and if not deposited in the v____a, will not be able to be introduced into the v____a in a way that will lead to a pregnancy, except under laboratory/clinical conditions like with in-vitro fertilization. I hope that helps to ease your mind, especially since it's coming from a nurse. Take care!


worried - July 15

thanks nursemommy



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