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SC - November 29

I'm 19.. and always have very safe s_x... except for 2 weeks ago when a condom slipped off. He was nowhere close to ejaculation, but I'm worried about pre-c_m causing pregnancy, basically. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow, but I wanted to know if it will be too early to tell?? I am going to abort if I am, and it is covered under my prov.'s health innsurance. Do not give me slack about being a s___t, or baby killer, because frankly, that's complete c__p.


Grandpa Viv - November 29

You would be telling us about early signs of pregnancy in this post if you were indeed pregnant form s_x two weeks ago. Your doctor will not be able to tell much at this stage unless by chance your hCG is high enough to give a positive. The dangers from pre-c_m are much over-rated, in my opinion - part of the abstinence group's scare tactics - but a small chance does exist. I think you should relax. Use foam plus a condom to protect against accidents like this in the future.


T - November 29

SC - It is too early to do a pregnancy test. But I would do one just to be sure. Wait about two weeks and do a test then. If its negative I would think you are okay but if your period doesn't arrive, then do another test. Its not unusual to not experience any pregnancy symptoms. Some women experience no symptoms, apart from a missed period, up until a month or more into their pregnancy. And some women experience symptoms a few weeks later. Dont worry I dont think you're a s___t. There's a lot of critical people on here who have nothing better to do than be nasty to others who need help. Anyway, back to the possible pregnancy. You can become pregnant from prec_m as it does contain sperm. So all you can do is wait unfortunately. Test in two weeks. Take care. :o)


SC - November 29

Thank you for your helpful information T and Grandpa Viv... to Ma.. I think you should take your own advice, and try to be a little cla__sier with your own opinions in future.


redeem - November 30

actually, I know two young girls that are pregnant by prec_m. it's not just a myth



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