Might Be Pregnant Dont Know Who The Daddy Is

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Christin - March 12

Okay heres what happen. i had s_x with 3 boys. one of them used a condom and it broke we didn't find out until he pulled out so i'm pretty sure he came inside of me. and the other two other boys did NOT use a condom and they both came inside. i haven't got my period in 1 month. last period i had was february 5th and i havent got one for this month. can i be pregnant? i'm going to test some time this week because i'm getting worried and also if i am pregnant i'm not sure whose the father it's between those 3 boys.


Janine - March 12

First of all, if you are under the age of 18, that's really not good for the fact that you're having s_x with multiple partners, and now you might be pregnant. Look, first thing I'm going to tell you, is lose the partners, there is no reason for you to be having 3 s_xual partners. And in having many different partners, you don't know what they could be carrying, you don't know if they have any STD's or not. I know this kinda stuff from my personal experience, and take my advice, wait until you're married to have s_x! If you're pregnant, get the tests done, find out who the dad is, tell your parents because they need to know, especially if you aren't over 16 yet. If you're not 16, or under the age of 18, you're not ready to be a mother. First thing you should really do is tell your parents, hardest thing to do, I know this, but you have to.


What???? - March 13

If this is true -- TERRIBLE story. Why would you EVER do this? And why would only ONE of the three guys be required by you to wear a condom??? Why would you want ALL of them to wear one? If you MISSED a period than YES... you COULD be pregnant. If this is all true, best of luck to you and your baby. I hope you don't punish this baby for the mistakes you have made.


Brittney - March 13

I bet u r pregnant but to find out who the daddy is first tell the 3 boys u r pregnant and that it might be his then when the baby does come u can take a blood test to find out whos it is then u will have to tell your parents that u r pregnant and i really don't know what will happen from there.


brandi - March 13

u probably r pregnant but maybe not. if u haven't had your period yet maybe it just is coming late. u should get a blood test to see who the father of the child is. then u need to tell them that they got u pregnant and they need to help u take care of him. if he dinies it, it means he is just worried about having to take care of the child. he wants it to be ok, he doesn't want to be all weird about it.


dina - March 16

The same thing happened to me and I learned to deal with. I decided to have an abortion because I felt it was a disgrace to tell my parents that I slept with (in my case) 4 guys unprotected. I had a bit much to drink and things happened. I was not about to cry "rape" - it happened, I wanted to do it and I loved it. I could not imagine pulling a baby stroller down the avenue trying to find my baby's POTENTIAL daddy to ask him to take a test and then go after him for money. It was just one night. Girls have a right to have fun too - I am sure you enjoyed what you did. Trust me -- you don't want to be reminded of your mistake 20 years from now and be a grandmother at 35. If you're preg, go to planned parenthood fast and get the procedure. You'll be be glad you did.


Julia - March 16

Hi it sounds as though you are in some trouble here. I wont preach at you about having s_x with several people you have already learned from that. But I will tell you that, the baby you are carring is yours it doesnt really matter who the daddy is. You have several options so just really think about......and be sure you know what you want. email me anytime [email protected]


J.J - July 22

all i can say to you is good luck!!!!!!!!. I would like to know if you can get pregnant without actually having s_x? I am over a month late and i think i'm getting warning signs. Besides I am way to young to be pregnant.


vickie - July 22

aww hunny! i feel so sorry for you, and ignore the horrible comments its not uncommon for you to have had s_x with more than one lad...its 2005 and people wanna have fun, but the mistake is made now so there is nothing you can do to change that. Take a test and take it from their there is no point fretting over everything until you know whether ur pregnant or not! thats the mistake i made! oh....(just realised wen u posted) by now if u were preg ud be 5 months preg roughly, well tell us how things are.. :S xx



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