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g.muhhriee - July 11

well last month on fathers day my boyfrend and i found out i was seven weeks pregnant...but two days after dat i started bleeding it lasted from tuesday morning through like at 3 on thursday...i was very scared when i saw the blood but it waslike a regular period not with a heavyer flow exept my stomach didnt cramp but it had clots like the regular ones i get wen im on my period and i told my boyfriend n he asked his mom n she said im having a misscarriage so we juz left it at that and now i still have symptoms and my tummysz growing but a lil bit and im craving everything italian n chinese foods in the moment lol(: well idk if its all in my head dat im pregnant again or what...or my tummys growing a tiny bit dat only i kan notice ryte now kuz i stopped excersizing:p well tell me what you think if i had a misscarriage or not...ohh and that day i started bleeding we went to planned parenthood n day took a ghetto pee on pregnancy test on my and it was negative


lunamoo - July 11

lez jus hope iz jus negativ on da dhetto peeo pregnancee teast.


Grandpa Viv - July 11

June 20 you had a positive urine test and June 23 you had a negative test - one of those has to be wrong. It takes the hormone a week or two to fall back to negative test levels after a miss. Usually a miscarriage involves heavy cramping, and you had no cramping at all. Now you still have pregnancy signs? I think I would be running another home pee test just to be sure. GL!


g.muhhriee - July 11

yes i do i hav same pregnancy signs exept like this isnt a sign but i cant stand orange juice n i loved ice at the beginning of myncy...another sign im barely starting to have is my stomach seemz biggerme but im not gaining any eight and when i went to planned parenthood they told me if i was pregnant i would have been seven to nine weeks n now its almost a month later and i just got a feeling that i am pregnant somethings telling me i am and when i took that positive test i just had a funny feeling it was gunna be positive and it was and the otother one i knew it was guna be negative because i hav taken another one on june 8th and it was negative and i guess i was pregnant so it was a false negative n now i uess it was another false negative because i ook a clear blue digtal test and i heard those tests dont lie and are very accurate


silhouette18 - July 15

well i am 7 weeks and i have been having light bleeding with no cramps and i had an ultra sound and everything is fine. if i were you i would go to your obgyn and get a blood test becasue that will tell you for sure. because you can bleed and be pregnant. hope this helped.:)good luck


Grandpa Viv - July 15

Take another home preg test just to be sure. Maybe you have developed cysts that are giving you pregnancy signs. Changes in food likes/dislikes are a sign. How about veins showing moreo n your b___sts or flanks, or little bumps around your nipples? Keep coming back to let us know your progress. GL!


g.muhhriee - July 15

yeaa i migt take another at home pregnancy test this weekend when i go over to my boyfriends or the week after that...and theres lyk no veins or nohing different on my b___sts only that they hurt way more and ever sence lyk in may when i first started thinking maybe im pregnant i had bumps around my nipples but there still there right now lol...but now my lower stomach is starting to cramp and it got a tiny bit bigger i noticed but appareantly no one else did lol but i feel bigger


silhouette18 - July 15

yeah taking another test is a good idea. but if u are pregnant ur gonna wanna tell your mom as soon as possible so you can get to the doc to get prenatal vitamins. very importnant good luck mama



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