Minor Wanting An Abortion Without Parental Consent

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? - July 21

I live in a state where you must tell one parent 24 hours before an abortion. I do not want my parents to know about it, is there a possible way around it, or can I go to another state to have it done?


Shelly - June 25

Have you talked to a counselor at a clinic? They should be able to answer this question for you. You might want to call Planned Parenthood they have lots of good information.For medical questions, or to schedule an appointment with the nearest Planned Parenthood center, call toll-free 1-800-230-PLAN. Have you done research about it on the internet? Let me know if you need help researching. [email protected]


Shea - June 29

Kay, I have seen nowhere on this site where you have come from a helpful place. What happened to you that makes you such an angry person? Did you have an abortion and now regret it? Did you loose a baby to miscarage? Share your grief, we'll be here for you.


kay - July 1

you know what, the girl asked for advice, so i gave her some. if you dont belive what i say, go get a bible. if you kill, you get killed. you get what you give.and, annoyed, dont you have anything better to do with your time than start arguements for no appearent reason? what i said is true. i am not an angry person. basically, i am the loudest person in school. and i never shut up. so there's no use asking me to do that. now, as i was saying, it's in the 10 commandments. thou shalt not kill. look it up. maybe i did go a little overboard with the murderer part. it's probobly because im a little outspoken, and do pretty much anything i want. but, im not taking back what i said because it's true. all of it. if you kill, that makes you a murderer. im not going to judge, because when you have to stand before God and be judged yourself, that's when you'll remember what i said. have a good day!!


Meagan - July 1

Kay is right though. If you lay down and have s_x, you need to take the responsibilities for doing so. The baby didn't ask you to do what you did, and it's life shouldn't be ended because of it. Having an abortion isn't as easy as it sounds either. You will think about that baby everyday of your life now. You will have possible nightmares about it and you will have to live with the fact everyday that you got rid of a life because you didn't want to be responsible for what you did. You should tell your parents instead of hiding it from them. They may be upset at first, but soon they will forget about their anger and help you out. They may want to be a part of this babies life. Don't end the life of an innocent child. I know it's hard. And telling your parents may seem like something impossible to do. Right now it seems like that way for me, but I know my mom would never let me kill my baby. Just think about that. E-mail me if you ever want to talk. [email protected]


~*~Jessica~*~ - July 3

Don't listen to what the religious people say. Most of them are hyprocrites. Having an abortion is YOUR choice, no one elses! If you won't be happy with a child, you don't have to have it. Sometimes circ_mstances prevent you from doing the so called "right thing". But the right thing is different for everyone. There is a law in this land, it is "a woman has the right to abort a child if she so wishes" i.e. Roe vs. Wade! There is a reason for that. It is to keep people from making someone have a child if they don't want to. If we got rid of that, then women will go back to using coat hangers and such to abort an unwanted child. It is not murder if the child has not been born, has not taken its first breath! A child isn't a child in the uterus. It is a fetus! it is a part of your body. If you chop of your hand, is that murder? Just my opinion.


b___bear - July 4

what state do you live in?? Go to another state near you. Its your decision. I am pro choice


Lilly - July 6

Why punish the unborn baby for something you did? Ever hear of Condoms or birth control? People always want the easy way out, just for thier convenience. Here's a tip DON"T WANT BABIES, USE PROTECTION.You are going to live with this for the rest of your life. Why couldn't you be responsible? This baby is depending on you.You are it's only mother it will ever have, and you are going to show your love by killing it? Kay and Meagan thanks for your good opinions.


Lilly - July 6

The baby's heat starts beating at 6 weeks, so if you are past this yes it's murder.


Sam - July 6

How old are you?I know everybody has different opinions about abortions but i DONT agree with them one bit..Sorry to seem harsh but if you were ready to have s_xual intercourse then you must be ready for a baby-if you are not ready for a baby then you should not have had s_x in the first place. Every person weather it is a baby still in the womb developing has the right to live-you created this life by having s_x-by killing your baby you are not making things better..Are you sure you want an abortion?I think you should really think about what it involves and what you are doing to your unborn child..


kay - July 7

sorry, but dude, sam and lilly are right. i gotta give them their props.


brucen - July 7

So Sam, Lilly, Kay et al... when can she expect you guys over to baby sit?


Lilly - July 7

It's simple, want no babies take care of your self. It's easy, take the pill,or depo,condoms,anything is better than killing an innocent baby.Does anybody understand this????????


Beth - July 8

I too have to agree with Kay. What she said the first time may seem a little harsh, however it is true. If you think you are mature enough to have s_x, then you should be mature enough to have children. God didn't create s_x for fun. He created us to have s_x to bear his children. I don't know what your circ_mstances are, (like if you were raped or in an abusive relationship), but you really need to take this seriously. Before you make any rash decisions, see a doc to get an ultra sound and hear the heartbeat. Once you hear that sweet little sound, it will change your life forever. Remember that it's not your baby's fault that it was meant to be brought into this world. No one if at fault. I hope you make the decision that's right for you and your baby. Good luck.


hello - July 8

The question asked was not about whether or not abortion is murder but where can get an underaged abortion its her decision that she will have to live with for the rest of her life and answer for


jenny - July 12

i agree with kay 120% it may not be what she asked for but maybe sumhow we can save anothers life.. dont kill a baby you dont understand how much u would regret killing it and not keeping it.. i promise you seeing your baby for the first time is the greatest joy you could ever feel and watching it grow.. trust me.. its just a wonderful feeling that an abortion cant compare to.


Callie - July 13

Hello (?) I am a 48 year old mother of 9 kids (5 adopted 5 not) some are in college already (the adopted ones) I would be interested in adopting your baby if you do not have an abortion. Would you be willing to carry it to full term and have it adopted? Please get back to me You can e-mail me at [email protected] thanks



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