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Mary - May 5

I'm 16 years old, and I was positive I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I were scared, but happy. I hadn't told my parents yet. I was only 5 weeks. Today I was at school and during my first hour I started cramping and bleeding excessively. It was the worst pain I ever felt. I started to bleed, and I was so worried. I bled more than any period I've ever had, and was in so much pain that I called my mother. My mom took me to the ER, where they decided I had a miscarriage. I'm extremely upset. I know I should be relieved that I won't be having a child, but a part of me wants to get pregnant again because I feel so empty now. Any words of advice would be appreciated.


to mary - May 5

I am very sorry for your loss! no you should not be relieved you should feel upset. That was a baby and it is sad. As for trying again that is up to you. I would say to wait but I know how that empty feeling is. god bless


Stephanie - May 5

You should see if there is a counselor at school that you are able to talk to....and your mom as well if you feel comftorable. There was a reason why you had a miscarriage, it's not anyone's fault. Good luck to you.


Audrey - May 6

Mary- A miscarriage is a scary thing, and it takes a long time to get over. I suggest you wait a while so your body can heal itself, and keep yourself protected until you are ready. Best wishes!


Mizzy17 - May 6

I had a miscarriage about 1year and a half ago.It takes a long time to recover.


to mary - May 6

I am very very sorry for your loss!! if you ever would like to chat about anything feel free to email at [email protected] Good luck this will take time to recover from i know. God Bless


Natural - May 6

I'm so sorry to hear that, everything happens for a reason, but hopefully when you are ready again you will make a healthy boy or girl.... just wait awhile..............goodluck :) sorry about your lost:(


a - May 8

hey, i know how you feel. i was 5 weeks when i had a miscarraige too. i want my baby back. i would try and make another one but my boyfriend and i broke up when i miscarried. it was about 2 months ago now, and i have only just told someone. they didnt even believe me because i hadnt said anything about it before. but yea, i know how you feel. it is really hard.



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