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Liz - June 17

i'm 16 and last Dec. my bf JD forced me in 2 having s_x w/him, I didnt want to, i wanted to wait till marriage.N-e wayz, I missed my period 2 months in a row.I couldnt get a test, i was tooo freaked out, my parents are very strict so I just pretended nothing had happened. I was scared. Finally after 2 months of missing my period,(I would have been 2 1/2 months along)my period came, it lasted 2 days, normally it last 6 days. That happened in Feburary, my period is fine now 6 days. Do you think I had a miscarriage? I was getting kinda sick those 2 months, I jsut thougth maybe it would have been me worring to much. I couldnt have told my mom, I would have been dead. Dont say I am a s___t, I didnt want to do it. Dont say I am stupid and immature, I am not. I just need to know if ya'll think I had a miscarriage. PLease!!1


Shelly - June 17

It's hard to say. Did you have any really heavy clotty bleading? How many 6 day periods have you had?


kate - January 31

It could be that your periods are not regular yet at 16 yrs. of age, however, you may have had a miscarriage.Hormones produced during pregnancy may still be in your body and a pregnancy test may come up positive..letting you know that you miscarried.If you did miscarry you need to see a doctor..you may not have pa__sed everything and/or need a Rhogam shot depending on your blood type.If you do not see a doctor you may get an infection or worse...and complicate future pregnancies.Of course you are not a s___t..altho your b/f sounds like a jerk.


Kimi - January 31

it is ahrd to say but i would say probably not, it would have lasted for more than 2 days and it hurts, i know from experiance i had a misscarriage at 8 1/2 weeks and i bled for like 10-15 days and i had to go to the hospital i was in so much pain.


becca - January 31

it is possible lots or young girls and women have misscarriges and dont no, normally if u were 2 months late u would of had a heavy long period so there is a possability but dont worry about sumething that mite of happend



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