Miscarriage At 16 HELP

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Stephanie - April 4

I had a miscariage 5 months ago i was 1 month gone an i still havent got over it i told the daddy of the child he is devastated but wnt tlk to me i need advice plz help me sum1!!


Cece - April 4

Stephanie, first of all you must understand that a miscarriage is nobody's fault. I know that you feel bad about it, and that the father feels bad, but there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. The majority of miscarriages occur because there's something wrong with the baby and your body rejects the pregnancy. Other times, there could be something wrong with the mother, but don't get worried, because you most likely will be able to have children when you get older. My cousin just recently had a miscarriage, and the doctor told her it was because her ovaries weren't fully closed. Just remember, it was not your fault. Just tell the father that it's a terrible thing that happened, and it was not your fault or his fault, and the two of you can get through this together...it won't help if he is by himself trying to handle something like this. I'm sorry for your loss sweetie...I wish you nothing but goodness in life and pray this doesn't happen to you again.


Stephanie - April 4

Thnx for ur help if there is ne1 else who can help me plz do! No one no's except for me an him i dnt wanna tell ne of my m8s cos they wud make it worse for me!!


to Stephanie - April 4

there is a pregnancy loss forum on here you can go on there and people will give you advice and such they all know what you are going through and i think they could help. im sorry to hear about your loss.


Stephanie - April 5

If ne1 has ne thing to say to me plz do as i have no1 i can tlk to an just want some help! plz and thnks


JamesChick - April 6

Hi, I know how you feel cause I just had a miscarriage about 2 days ago and I had one before. I am 15. And both miscarriages have been with my fiance. He doesnt really say much either and I dont know what to do cause im not over it either. Lately I have been trying to do anything to get my mind off of it like talking to my friends, and playing softball. But no matter what I do I cant forget and it keeps coming back up. Im sorry for you, like I said I know how you feel.


Bump - April 20

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Audrey - April 20

A miscarriage is stressful and scary. I miscarried at 13 weeks last November. Ultrasounds showed that the pregnancy wasn't viable anyway, but that didn't make it any easier. It took me a long time to deal with it. Try talking to your mother or someone who had a miscarriage too, it does help. Best wishes!


Bump - April 21

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stephanie - April 22

sweetheart, M/C are normal. I have had one. It really crushed me. My b/f was really hurt too, but we got through it. If your guy wont talk to you he isnt worth it. Find a guy who will love you no matter what. If he wont talk to you now, he probably wouldnt have made a very good father anyway.


Stephanie - April 24

Im sori my post was a little confusin i mean the daddy wont tlk to me bout it cos he says he doesnt no wat to do but we still tlk bout ova stuff. I guess he is just as heart broken as me


mandie - April 25

im sooo sorry! i went through the same thing when i was a teenager im so sorry for your loss. dont worry there is nothing wrong with you i think the chance for a misscarriage is 1 in 7 and if you have one your chances for a normal pregnancy the next time are very very good :) definetly talk to people though.... friends family.... support helps so much during someting so hard dont keep it bottled up inside. i wish you luck and i hope you are doing better :)


katie - April 25

im so sorry to here tht...i think quite alot of ppl hav them =\ i think u sud talk to someone u no and trust and tell them how u feel or if u dnt want to talk to someone u no...a concelor can b gr8....i had one at the from round the start of my pregnancy and she is gr8 cause she cant say anything to anyone and u can just share all ur feeling wit her but take care and hope u feel a bit better xxx katie


Stephanie - April 26

I have tlked to my older sister an she was shocked that it had happened to me. The 'daddy' of the baby is tlkin to me more now it feels gd to no that he cares. But every day wil b different an i do hope every1 wil still post me.Thk u all soooo much Stephanie xxoo


a - April 27

i am 16 and i had a misscarraige 2 months ago, i cant get over it either. i just want my baby back. the worst part is that noone knows that i was even pregnant, and i cant talk to anyone. the father has moved, i just told him that i tested wrong. i feel so alone, i just want my baby.i want my baby back. i dont know why god has done this to me, i know how you feel.


Stephanie - April 28

a u must try an tell ur mother or do u even have an older sister u cud tlk to? I have lost alot of weight an i have been told to try an put some on i feel i cnt eat an i dnt sleep properly but if u need to tlk plz e-mail me at [email protected] i feel for u xxoo


Bump - May 21




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