Miscarriage Or Still Pregnant

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Meg - August 19

On June 10th I was raped, and in the second week I thought I was pregnant. On June 26th I started bleeding and cramping real bad. I hadn't tooken a test yet, so I didn't know if I was pregnant or not. I thought I had a miscarriage because I had all the signs of a miscarriage. But I still have some signs of pregnancy. Is it possible that I bled that much but could still be pregnant?


SaRaH - August 3

Well that is horrible that happened to you. I think it is impossible for you to be pregnant if you blead that much. Did you tell someone that you were raped??????// GOD bless YOU!!!!!!!!


Meagan - August 4

I told my youth pastor's wife and a few friends, but that was it. I haven't spoken of it much either since I thought I had the miscarriage. I'm just not sure if I was pregnant, or sure if I had a miscarriage, or sure that I might still be pregnant. It will be two month on August 10 that this happened. Do you think that is a long enough time to wait and have a home pregnancy test? Thank you SaRaH for replying. God bless you too.


Meagan - August 4

Has anyone on here had heavy bleeding and still be pregnant?


* - August 6



Christobal - August 7

you can have bleeding and still be pregnant. the blood isnt necessarily the fetus blood. it can be your own blood from the reshaping of your abdomen. tissues are being torn. you should goto the hospital and get one of those tests where they fill you with liquid and see the baby on the screen. if it was miscarriage, they will take it out of you so you dont have to witness anything too gross. if its YOU thats bleeding then they might find something to do to help you out. you might also be able to borrow someone's stethoscope and check the baby's heartbeat yourself. but chances are that wonr work too well.


Meg - August 10

Thank you Christobal. Anyone else with more information, please post.


Shorty - August 10

Meg, I'd go to the doctors, they say that bleeding without cramps is nothing really to worry about, but bleeding with cramps is something you really need to see your doctor about. I am so very sorry that you are in this situation. I would also get a test done at a clinic to find out if you deffinatley were pregnant, as your body can also be reacting to stress and the trauma of the situation you have been in.


Kathy - August 10

Don't worry. You are not pregnant now and you never were. It is very common after going through a trauma like you have and to suffer stomach cramps (it is a sign of stress).


Helen - August 10

I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you Meg. Like Sarah and Kathy said, it is vritually impossible that you could be pregnant or that you ever were. So don't worry :o) Have you thought about talking to a counsellor? I was raped when I was young and a counsellor really helped me through it. Good luck.


Meg - August 13

Thank you all. I know alot of people say that it's just the stress that makes you seem pregnant, but I still feel pregnant. I have gotten bigger, but haven't gained much weight. Helen~ yes I have talked to someone. I talked to my youth pastor's wife and a few friends about it. I don't believe in counselors. If I need help, I know I can go to my youth pastor's wife or my youth pastor or even my aunt if it really came down to it. I've tried to convince myself that I'm not pregnant, and I don't worry about it much, but more signs keep appearing. I'm going to try to get a test this weekend. Thank you all for your help. Please keep posting if you get more information. If I am pregnant I don't know what I'll do. There is no way I will have an abortion, and no way my family will let me give up the baby, and no way I will know what to do if I do have a baby. Things are a little crazy, but I'm not that worried. I am a christian and I know that God will help me. Thank you so much. Keep me educated please!


Me - August 13

Meg calm down sweetie, you CANNOT be pregnant. Stop fretting! There is no need to get a test, you're just stressing yourself silly. Trauma and stress can do a lot of things to our bodies. You are not pregnant.


J - August 13

Meg.May I ask you a question? I may be barking up the wrong tree, but do everyone on here has rea__sured you that it is impossible that you are pregnant, yet you seem convinced you are, also talking about getting a test down and keeping the baby. It seems a little odd that's all, I'd have thought you would be releieved that you are not pregnant.


J - August 13

Oh c___p, some of my last message was knocked off. It was meant to read.... I may be barking up the wrong tree, but do you want to be pregnant? It seems...


Meg - August 14

You're right J. Everyone has told me that I'm not pregnant, but I just can't get past what I feel. My pants are getting tighter, yet I have had no weight gain. The only reason I am getting a test is because I can't let this drop until I am completely sure. I don't know if I want to be pregnant. I've thought about it, and I thought I did want to be pregnant, but now I'm just not so sure. I'm just worried that everyone will tell me that I'm not pregnant, and I believe that I'm not, then find out I am. Since I never went to a doctor or anything, I'm just not sure. I just have stuff running through my mind, and I just really want to be sure.


Me - August 16

Meg you are not pregnant darling. If you want to get a test done just to put your mind at rest then do so. But don't expect for one minute that it will be positive because it won't be. I think you should seek help as wanting to be pregnant from rape is very unhealthy. Good luck.


Meg - August 18

Thanks Me, but I won't be seeking help. I don't need help. Everything is cool. I recently starting dating this really sweet guy, and I'm going to just put this to rest. If I'm pregnant, then it I will know it sooner or later. I don't think I'm pregnant. I did for the first while, but now I think I'm just going to move on with my life. I don't want to be pregnant from a rape situation, and I don't want to take on the responsibility of a child right now. I have alot to look foward to, and I still have to finish school. Thanks a bunch to all who posted. God bless you all!!!!



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