Missed Period For Almost 2 Months Now And Havnt Gotten A

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Bubbles - June 2

......well....i havnt gotten my period since march 30th......ive been taking tests every week and i get negs. all the time....ive been eating a bit more....and peeing alot more....and alot more discharge........i was kinda bleeded a brownish colour for like a week about 2 weeks ago......im just getting a bit freaked out cause i havnt gotten any + and i live kinda out in the middle of no where and getting to a doc. for a blood test is really hard where i live and with my parents job and ..what not .....im scared cause i think something might be wrong with me and i just dont know what to do im only 16.....i wouldnt mind having a baby i just dont kno...what to think .....nothings giving me an answer and i dont know what to do..... ive also noticed ppl saying things about thre br___t i havnt gotten any sore or tenderness till kinda the other day but i didint think much of it .......has this ever happened to anyone ??


jen - June 2

i am 3 1/2 weeks late for my period im scared .. however i havent had any b___st tenderness or anything.. maybe its depends on some people.?i do not want to be preg,, maybe u shoudl take the pregnancy test? cuz i am soon..so scared..oh btw im only 15 turning 16 this yr ..lucky u wouldnt mind havina baby tho.. if my parents ever found out omg.. heh...


bubbles - June 2

ya thanks jen.....the hole tenderness didnt come till like 2 days ago im just...uno feeling a bit down cause i though i new my body more or something or uno..... you should add me to msn [email protected] we can be talking buddies.. help each other out ...if u dont have MSN ..tell me cause ive got AIM and Yahoo lol


helper131313 - June 2

omg since march 30th you havent had your period??? girl you need to see the dr! no mater if your parents will be verry upset you need to tell them streight up.... tell them,,, you know what, i know that i am young but i have not goten my period for quite a while now.... i need to see the dr because i have a feeling that i am pregnant.... you know it is very hard to tell your parents but you know what that is something thatyou need to just do.. bite the bullet and go for it! obviously you need a helping hand since you say you live n the middle of no where.... you see... ne type of bleeding that can occure mite turn out to be becuase of misscaraging... ect... you need to tell your mom or dad NOW! trst me, you dont want to put any harm on you... or mayb your unborn baby... and this goes for the same for jen. you need to see the dr now if you are 3 1/2 late!!!!!!!!!!!!


bubbles - June 2

but ....i dont live with my parents... well i kinda do i live in the back yard lik 500ft away from the house cause they p__s me off ive told them already and they said there to busy...or they say yes ok tomorrow or something but i wait and i get nothing .....its about 10miles at least till u get to a min road....something im not about to walk or anything ....lol if there was a horse parking zone id use that..but hteres not....im just freaking cause i dont kno what to do.....and the bleeding wasnt much it was a brownish pink colour someone said it might be implantation or something ....uno ...


helper131313 - June 2

implanation bleeding usualy occurs around a week after the baby implants onto the uteus.. and that does not always occure in everyone... and if your parents dont care... then you neeed to be responsable enought to take care of it urself..... get some money... and call a buss or a taxi... there has to be a transportation service over next to where you live.. that s very imp___ntant.......


bubbles - June 2

lol do u have msn or something lol i dun lik having to flip back and forth lol add me if u do [email protected] if u got someother messenger tell me ive got all =)


Audrey - June 2

Bubbles- If the brown discharge you had two weeks ago was in fact implantation you must have had unprotected s_x about about a week before that. Otherwise it might have been a period cycle where no egg was produced. If you are s_xually active you need to ask your parents to get you on the pill or some other protection. Best wishes!


~oOBubBlesOo~ - June 2

ya ....i kno i should be on birht control and trust me ive tried it and the patch i get really sick or i break out like mad.......mostly both ....the bill to the point hwere i was hardly eatting ....but meh.......


jen - June 3

alrite hehe yea we could talk and ii added u we could talk there and i think we have stuff in common


~oOBubblesOo~ - June 3

......u kno this is really starting to bug me ......i hate getting negs....and havnt gotten my period in almost 2 months a bit ........but then agian ...i am irruglar...soo im just ...confused...and i wish ....i would get some a for sure answer ...=( its depressing me soo much............... and also......my b.f i think ....it going a bit ...weaird...he said he was ok with having a baby and was to be honest quite happy ....hes 19years old ......but wen i told him ...more about not getting my period and i think ive got a 75 % chance on being prengnant...........uno i think hes mad or something now....cause he wont asnwer his phone , he wont talk to me online .....i dunno his friend said he would talk to him for me today but im just....kinda uno i just dunno know what to do......if anyone has had m problem or something like it please add me .......look at my last post for my email.....


jen - June 4

heey oh yea ur last post on this one ur email was wrong it wasnt like the same one u put in mines hehe lol no wonderi dun see u on anyways i added u once a gain lookin forward to talkin to u soon byees and goodluck bfs can be a real pain =(


~oOBubblesOo~ - June 4

OH my ...lol didnt notice i gave out the wrong email address ...!!!! its [email protected] sorry about that everyone !!! anyways ya well i talked to my b.f and everythings working out alot better .........i am just getting sick of waiting for a yes or no answer to if im pregnant !!!!


sammy - June 5

go see a doc. and get a blood test !


~oOBubblesOo~ - June 9

OK ......this is upsetting ....but my b.f just broke up with me......im wondering if its because he dosnt want me to be pregnant ( ill find out on the 13th) but ya its just weaird......its kinda upsetting cause i really care for him but it dosnt seem tobother him as much as it does me.........this is the 2nd time ive been broken up with ..and its the worst feeling ever........ i just feel bad right now cause ....my biggest fear might just come True..... having to be a single mom....with no help from anyone............*sigh* its upsetting but ....who knows that going to happen...........ill keep u updated on wen i go to the doc.


~oObubblesOo~ - June 10

ok ...well the 2months with out a period is almost gunna hit 3 !!! .......its kinda freaky but who knows.... anyone with advice of any of this please add me to msn


alisha - June 10

you may be pregnant but maybe its your cycles jumping around. You should go to plan parent hood to take a pregnancy test. if you are then tell your parents



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