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V9653 - December 24

Yeah so the question of the day has been absent since like Thanksgiving. I thought I'd attempt to bring it back because I LOVED it! So if you guys could have one Christmas wish granted, what would it be?


brittybaby105 - December 24

Free healthcare that covers everything. Or money to pay for my baby and everything the baby is going to need.


amanda17 - December 24

Haha sorry! I kinda forgot about the question of the day thing :P Hmm.. this one is a hard one! Let's see. I wish Harold would propose again!!!


newbaby2009 - December 24

I wish i could get over the past and finally be happy with two daughters and the man i know i love.


guccigal87 - December 24

i wish for all my bills to be paid so i dont have to worry about making a big enough pay cheque to cover evertyhing and i can start fresh in january!


ashley_1991 - December 24

my wish was to have Bella for christmas, and I got it =)


V9653 - December 28

So anyone else have their wishes come true??? Amanda??? LOL! My Christmas wish was for loads of love on Christmas, no dealings with my mom,and no dealings with my sons dad. I got it all-thank God!! Brittybaby-you should really stop worrying so much about that. You have no idea how much that kind of stuff works itself out. Just think, here on this website, it's not like we were all part of the vanderbilt or hilton family! Most of us were in no financial position to have a baby, many didn't have insurance, etc etc. You're 18 right? Well, a friend of mine was 19 when she had her first baby and she was still covered on her mom's insurance. That's an option. Also, their government insurance at low cost. They will usually rid you of unnecessary expenses. Like I only had two ultrasounds and really people get them kind of just to be happy and hang with their baby. But on my insurance I only had one for the gender scan and to check things out. THey were concerned about somethings and had me do another a bit later. Also, EBAY baby clothes lots are a godsend. Instead of a fully loaded nursery, get essentials. No one NEEDS a diaper genie or a changing table and all the cute decorations. I wanted it, and wanted a crib, but it wasn't happening. I got one of those pack n play things that had an attached ba__sinet. It was like 50 bucks. It works just like a crib and becomes a lot more useful later. Also remember that a lot of the smaller stuff can be covered with a baby shower-and ebay ebay ebay. Go to pregnancy websites and sign up. Alot of times they'll ask if you want offers sent to you. They will send you coupons galore and even huge boxes of samples of formula and such. So really this is the least of your worries right now. It does work out honey! Newbaby-you and I both. It's hard, so hard, to not let the past dictate your actions in the present, but I try to think of two things. 1. that old bible tale where God told Lot (I don't know if that's right) ti remove his family from the sinful city that was about to be destroyed and not to look back. His wife looked back and turned into a pilar of salt. My past has been so painful, and for the first time I'm really happy. I don't have a whole lot, but I'm happy with what I have and I've been close to having that ruined. So now that I'm happy I'm almost scared to hold on to the past because it might ruin the progress I've made. Second thing-play sliding doors with yourself-yes, like the gwyneth paltrow movie. Try to split your life in two. Imagine your life with the situation you might be taking for granted, and without. If your letting anger take over, or resentment, imagine your future if you keep it up, and imagine it if you let it go. You'll see great differences and really think about the way you live now. You won't have time to worry about the past. Good luck with the new year, and you are truly blessed.


amanda17 - December 28

My wish didn't come true :( Harold was sick on Christmas eve, so we stayed home. His mom and brothers came over for a little while. Then on Christmas we went to a Christmas party but had to leave early because he was throwing up :( He's getting better though!


V9653 - December 29

Aw I'm sorry Amanda, but one good thing is that now when he does it it will be a bigger surprise. You were expecting it on Christmas, so where was the fun in that. I love it when a guy waits until I'm starting to think he's not going to do something I've been hoping for, then BAM! P.S. Poor Harold!! I have to ask, is he like most guys when he's sick? You know, they get a cold and they think they've met the reaper and cry for you like you're his mommy!


amanda17 - December 29

Haha no, no. He's the opposite of that. He kept saying "I'm not sick. I don't get sick. I'm fine." He kept trying to go out places but he'd keep coughing, sneezing, throwing up! After the Christmas party I put my foot down, made him some hot tea, forced him into bed and told him he's not coming out until he feels like doing cartwheels :P


V9653 - December 30

Aww you guys sound so cute, and Ive got to say-that alone makes him a winner in my book! Every man I've ever known gets the sniffles and thinks their dying. Even my big strong daddy who went to Vietnam and didn't freak out, he had a heart attack and didn't go the hospital until 2-3 weeks later. He gets the sniffles and he wants to run to the hospital because he's dying. Dude I even had to teach him how to cough because he'd do this over dramatic "I'm dying, I can't breathe, there's something in my throat!" type cough and all it'd do it scratch up his throat worse, or cause him to throw up. Oh and my momma's boy ex....let's not even go there. He'd actually go stay home so his mom would take care of him!!!


amanda17 - December 30

Hahaha. Wow, that's strange. I've never met a guy who wasn't all tough about getting sick.... except my dad who's just always a drama queen.


newbaby2009 - December 30

Oh wow. Ryan the race car driver, Mr. "I risk my life for fun" gets the sniffles and its the end of world.


amanda17 - December 30

hahaha, really?! I remember once a few years ago, Harold went to the bathroom and when he came back out and casually said "There was blood in my puke... Ya think that's bad?"



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