Mistake On Dates

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invisiblepress18 - January 25

I've posted a question about a week ago and I had the dates wrong so I wanted to clearify it and just reexplain my situation. I'm 18 and in August I thought I was pregnant so I went off my bc. I found I wasn't and I was planning to go back on them. I had a period in August and then not again till October. However I did not have s_x during this time. my doctor told me to start taking them on January 4th. So I did. I had s_x with a condom on Dec. 29th and then again on January 5th. On January 9th we had unprotected s_x. That very day I thought I took my bc but I didn't until about two hours after we had s_x. This is a couple days before I should ovulate. I also had discharge then and slight cramping on my left side. Two weeks later I have more cramping but its in the center and I have more of a discharge. What are my chances? I just want to know if I'm over thinking this.


Julie23 - January 25

have you been takeing your pill every day? if so, it probably should be fine that you were a little late takeing the pill. Were you told tho by your doctor to use a back up method of birth contol for the first month while takeing the pill? I really wouldn't worry about being pregnant right now, chances are that your not.


Grandpa Viv - January 25

Let's hope you are experiencing side effects from starting back on the pill. Good luck!


invisiblepress18 - February 2

I just thought I'd update on my situation. I had bleeding three days before my period was suppose to start. I had brown and mucus like period. That ended last week and now I'm extremely tired, mood swings, headaches, mild cramping, and dull backach. I don't know if these are signs or effects of the bc pill. Please help me, I figured I could be around 4 weeks if I am.


Grandpa Viv - February 2

Jumpin in and out of bc like this, the only way you are going to know is by taking a couple of tests at 1 week intervals. Good luck!



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