Mmm Pregnancy Cramps In 2nd Trimester

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abriamiacadia - January 29

I start my 2nd trimester in about roughly 3-4 weeks YAY!!! Anyways, I get the pregnancy cramps taht suck horribly, will i get those my WHOLE pregnancy, or will it like stop or like...not hurt as bad as it does now?


KaseyA - January 29

I'm 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I'm just having these terrible cramps. I've been told that its just the baby growing and your body stretching. If tyou see blood at any time I would call your doctor or go to the ER.


PromiseJubilee - January 30

Unless you're bleeding with the cramping, be thankful!!! All that cramping and everything is good and natural. It will help you have an easier labor and delivery! After you hit the second tri it will be different though, you'll start getting braxton hicks contractions, which is your uterus practicing for labor, instead of it stretching so much to make room for the baby.


Renea - February 22

Promise--what makes you think that cramping is good and gives you a easier labor and delivery? Your uterus will still stretch into the 2nd and even 3rd trimester---a growing baby will cause that to happen. Abriamiacadia--if there is no blood that is good, but I would mention the cramping to your doctor.


Brittany - February 22

Promise probably means the cramping is a good thing because the baby is growing and her uterus knows to contract to move and stretch to grow. I had cramping in both of my pregnancies, I gave birth to my son 6 weeks early and my daughter 3 weeks early, I went into pre-term labor with my daughter at 27 weeks though, the doctors stopped the labor and I was put on bedrest. (So sometimes cramping is a sign of pre-term labor). If your cramping gets worse/more painful with each contraction, and/or are at least 5 minutes apart for an hour, if you see blood or feel trickling of fluids, call your doctor. Thats what happened to me at 27 weeks, my contractions wouldn't stop for 2 hours and were coming every 3-5 minutes for 2 doctors didn't think anything was wrong but I knew something was. If your ever not feeling right, go to the ER. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy, sometimes contractions happen because of dehydration as well. Good luck and I don't mean to scare you with the pre-term labor stuff, I just wanted to make sure you knew what to look for in that situation.



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