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tired! - February 22

YOU need to learn how to not be patronizing, calling people "little girl" "big girl" all the time when you don't have an idea how old they are. Does it make you feel grown up and special to talk down to the rest of us? Frankly, if you're going to smudge your big eggo all over this forum, find that more mature website where you belong, and leave the poor teens and "little girls" here alone. I don't know your age......... but if you're young, then probably the "litttle girls" you're referring to are older than you........ if you're older........ get off this TEEN website..... AND if you want to stay on this website my opinion is that you should keep your rants to yourself.


me - February 22

i agree, ppl can be so rude with what they say its disgusting im 17 and i think im a month preg even more but i havent take a preg test cause im waiting for the money and im waiting for money tot ake prenatal vit. i hate how ppl come on here acting like there preg and saying there young and im expecially disgusted with the ppl who come on here and say the teens in here are s___ts thats extremly rude i don't consider myself a s___t and im 17 and been with ,my b/f for 3 yrs? and im a s___t HELL NO I WAITED 2 YRS till i thought i was miture enought o have s_x and if some consequence witch beng pregnant shud arrive i wud get advice and deal with it if i am im gonna keep the baby and the baby's father will be with me im sure every girl in here knows or is in the process of figuring out wat there doing so do me and the other girl and teens and mother or w.e a favor and dont be a hater if u wanna be in this website ur prolly gonna be in the same boat or already have been and ur hating on ppl who are trying to make the best of there problme!


me - February 22

by the way i have a post under could i? plz teens and mothers and ppl who are in the same boat help me! im scared and i waan know how to tell my parents plz help me and give me advice i check it like every second


me - February 22

ok mommy2kyllie is that last pst to me because it shuidnt be i was agreeing with wat u said


KM - February 22

me, if you want some adviice, e-mail me at [email protected] Im 19 and have a 3 mnth old son. I know a lot about pregnancy and childbirth, and I have personal experience with it and telling my parents and what not.I may be able to help you out a little


tired - February 22

I posted this to make a point........... and it worked........ it got you so riled up and showed who the immature "little girl" is.......... no swearing please


tired - February 22

if you can talk without bad language, I'll say sorry for posting this on the main message board.


to me: - February 23

This is confusing.......... this post was FOR Mommy2kylie written by TIRED. You were agreeing with the post about Mommy2kylie and then she was responding to TIRED........ with all her nasty language.


Right - February 23

Language has nothing to do with maturity. People only pull that card when they can't think of anything else to say. Nice.


Joanne - February 23

Actaly mommy2kylie there are actaul convos where you have said "little girls" and whatever not without them being rude in the first place. You speak like a little girl we dont go around calling you one do we .Drop the " if you cant take the heat ........ " its getting very annoying and that is what most of your convos end with when trying to get a point across or whatever you are doing . Its quite childlike in itself. There are more then enough people who do think the same about you , so not 1 person is makeing it up for drama. It seems you cant take what people will say and try and defend yourself with your smart a__s comments. I know you like arguing you are on debate boards on the "mature" site.No i am not following you but i too use that forum. Dont bring your att_titude here. There are more then enough to supoort that .


Please - February 23



Hilary - February 23

Well, Mommy2Kylie can actually provide advice and stories, unlike 75% of the girls on here she is actually a teen mother... Seriously, anyone who calls out these annoying lil girls playing pretend gets b___hed at... its BS.


me - February 23

ok im confused but w.e anyways i was agreeing with the person who treets teen like little girls wen were not were growing pre teen adults and tryig to make ower way through this world i dont aggree with what ppl say about calling us little girl or swearing or acting imature to tell u the truth i came on her trying to find some advice and i got googd responses from alot of ppl my topic is " could i?" and i was reading around and saw hjow nasty ppl can be i was agreeing on how nasty popl can be das all i wanted to say i dont want enemies or ppl to be mad at me in this site cause really i just wanted advice das all me :(


??? - February 23



PLEASE? - February 23



PLEASE? - February 23



PLEASE? - February 23

I know you guys dont have friends and all that, but why are you using a teenage pregnancy forum to have childish arguments? All you hear is immature, immature, immature. Sick of hearing that word.



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